No to Age Banding


We are writers, illustrators, librarians, teachers, booksellers, publishers, educationalists, psychologists, parents and grandparents. Some of the undersigned writers and illustrators have a measure of control over what appears on the covers of their books; others have less.

But we are all agreed that the proposal to put an age-guidance figure on books for children is ill-conceived, damaging to the interests of young readers, and highly unlikely, despite the claims made by those publishers promoting the scheme, to make the slightest difference to sales.

We take this step to disavow publicly any connection with such age-guidance figures, and to state our passionately-held conviction that everything about a book should seek to welcome readers in and not keep them out.

The list of supporters has grown so much that we have split it into six. This page has people whose surnames begin with the letters P-S. Other pages have surnames A-C, D-G, H-L, M-O, T-Z and the latest additions to the list.

Scott Pack (Author and publisher)
Nikki Packer (School Librarian)
Melissa Paddick (Children's librarian)
Tracey Paddon (Librarian)
Stefan Paetow (Writer, reader)
Margie Paetzold (Literature student)
Annie Page (Parent)
Chris Page (Author, illustrator)
Chris Page (Reader)
Eli Page (Student)
David Paintin (Student)
Jessica Palacios (Student, bookseller)
Maureen Palacios (Parent, bookseller)
Shannon Paladini (Library media teacher)
Katherine Palfrey (Reader)
Helen Pallett (Reading strategy developer)
Alan Palmer (Reader, writer)
Mary Palmer (Children's Librarian)
Steve Palmer (Librarian)
Sue Palmer (Literacy specialist and author of Toxic Childhood )
Savannah Palmese (Reader)
Mark Paoletti (Librarian)
Nicolas Papaconstantinou (Author)
Antonis Papatheodoulou (Author, translator)
Thomas Parer (Reader and teenager)
Sue Pargeter (Reader)
Gayle Paris (Reader)
Jerry Paris (Illustrator)
Catherine Parish (Writer, Reader, Student of BA in Writing)
Lesley Parish (Teaching assistant)
Fay Parisi (Learning resource officer)
Fay Parisi (Parent)
Kenny Park (Script-writer)
Maureen Park (Teacher)
Priscilla Park Weir (Educator)
Angie Parker (Reader)
Ann Parker (Librarian)
Diana Parker (Children's book reviewer)
Elizabeth Parker (Librarian)
Steve Parker (Bookseller)
Guy Parker-Rees (Author)
Iain Parkes (Reader)
Nyssa Parkes (Librarian)
Isabelle Parkin (English Student)
Joanne Parkinson (Librarian)
Siobhan Parkinson (Author)
Eleanor Parkman (Parent)
Ayesha Parmar (Student)
Christopher Parr (Reader)
Sue Parr (Librarian)
Keely Parrack (Freelance author, creative writing tutor)
Catrin Parry-Jones (Headteacher)
Vincent Pascaud (Reader)
Larissa Paschyn (Author and avid reader)
Sarah Passmore (Child reader)
Wendy Patch (Castle Hill Bookshop)
Amisha Patel (Reader)
Bhupash Patel (Reader)
Sohini Patel (Student)
Aileen Paterson (Librarian)
Don Paterson (Poet)
Den Patrick (Assistant editor)
Efi Patrineli (Reader)
Sian Pattenden (Author, illustrator, journalist)
Elaine Patterson (School Librarian)
Katelyn Patterson (Reader)
Georgina Pattinson (Radio journalist)
Ruth Pauffley (Reader)
Jenny Paul (Reader)
Korky Paul (Illustrator)
Simon Paulin (Reader)
Justyna Pawlicka (Reader)
Jackie Paxman (Librarian)
Verity Paylor (Teacher)
Chloe Payne (Publisher)
Jemma Payne (Student)
Lindsay Payne (Library Aide and Writer)
M Payne (Reader)
Rachel Payton (Librarian)
Sara Peacock (Editor and parent)
Bill Pearson (Bookseller)
Joanne Pearson (Teacher, librarian)
Sarah Pearson (School librarian)
John Pearson-Phillips (Teacher)
Christine Pedersen (School Librarian)
Mel Pedley (Reader)
Alison Peebles, (Actress, Director)
Andrew Peerless (Parent)
Mal Peet (Author)
Tom Peller (Reader)
Lucy Pells (Trainee teacher)
Micki Peluso (Author)
Justine Pendlebury (Librarian,ex-bookseller, parent)
Alyce Penniman (Reader)
Susan Pennock (Librarian)
Jeanette Percival (Reader)
Keith Percival (School governor)
Anna Perera (Author)
Nik Perring (Author)
Michelle Perrott (School Librarian)
June Perry (Headteacher, literary co-ordinator)
Kay Perry (Teacher)
Louise Perry (Parent and former bookseller)
Michael Perry (Parent)
Rachel Perry (Parent)
Taylor Perry (Reviewer)
Andrew Fusek Peters (Author)
Catherine Peters (Grandmother, erstwhile publisher's reader)
Polly Peters (Author)
Bailey Petersma (Reader)
Michelle Peterson (Literature student)
Tihomir Petkov (Reader)
Zara Petkovic (Reader)
Susan Petrie (Parent)
Francesca Petrus (Parent)
Karla Pett (Reader)
Rosemary Pettit (Reader)
Duncan Pflaster (Author)
Alex Pheby (Author)
Daniel Phelps (Librarian)
Gianna Phelps (Reader)
Katherine Phelps (Teenage reader)
Gillian Philip (Author)
Jane Phillimore (Author and Journalist)
Alice Phillips (Headteacher)
Donna Phillips (Librarian)
Jeanette Phillips (Aunt)
Julie Phillips (Reader)
Steve Phillips (Parent)
Sylvia Phillips (School librarian)
Debra Phillips-Machin (Writer, parent)
Helen Philpott (Reader)
Rachel Phipps (Bookseller)
Dana Piatek (Reader)
Arlette Pichard-Taylor (Teacher, grandparent)
Janet Pickering (Children's librarian)
Gwynedd Pickett (Parent)
Kim Pickin (Co-founder, Story Museum)
Nikki Pierce (Aunt-in-law)
Sara Pierce (Reader)
Amanda Piesse (Fellow and Senior Lecturer, School of English)
Mark Liam Piggott (Author)
Joe Pike (Student)
Rosie Pike (School librarian)
Staff Pinhoe Library, Exeter (Librarian)
Lynn Pinkerton (Librarian)
Pauline Pinkney (Private tutor)
Katie Pinn (Reader)
Simon Pinnell (Parent/school governor)
George Pipe (Teenage reader)
Kim Piper (Educator, parent, grandparent)
Paula Piper (School Librarian)
Argyro Pipini (Author)
Caroline Pitcher (Author)
Charlotte Pittock-Holdsworth (Student)
Val Plant (Librarian)
Owen Platt (Author)
Guy Platts (Bookseller)
Hannah Plom (Children's Librarian and Secretary of the YLG)
Class 4M Plover Primary School (Child readers)
Mike Plummer (Reader)
Marie-Claire Poirier (Head teacher)
Gillian Polack (Author, historian)
Rhonda Polak (Librarian)
Gill Polding (Librarian)
Ailsa Poll (Parent, former librarian)
Rebecca Pollitt (Reader)
Sue Pollitt (School Librarian)
Danielle Pollock (Librarian)
Pat Pollock (Great aunt)
Jane Polwin (Librarian)
Will Ponsonby (Reader)
Clare Poole (Bookseller)
James Poole (Student)
Sally Poole (Teacher)
Cameron Popham (Bookseller)
Liina Poropudas (Reader)
Alan Porter (Author)
Elizabeth Porter (Teacher and Library assistant)
Henry Porter (Author)
Kay Porter (Former editor, parent)
Laurie Porter (Author)
Anne Porter-Roth (School librarian)
Kat Porzelt (Reader)
Karen Potter (Teacher)
Liz Potter (Editor and parent)
Hannah Poulton (Editor)
Karen Povey (Parent)
Phil Povey (Parent)
Yvette Isobel Powe (Child reader)
Christa Powell (Parent)
Elin Powell (Reader)
Justine Powell (Reader)
Sue Powell (Researcher)
Gary Power (Author and parent)
June Power (Librarian)
Chris Powling (Author)
Jan and Kate Powling (Speaking of Books)
Jack Poyner (Student)
Amy Pragnell (Reader)
Terry Pratchett (Author)
Len Preece (Reader)
Sarah Prentice (Reader)
Bruce Press (Parent)
Marie Presswell (Teacher)
Mandy Price (Reader)
Poppy Price (Reader)
Robin Price (Author)
Marion Prickett (School Librarian)
Chris Priestley (Author, illustrator)
Alison Prince (Author)
Christine Prior (Teacher)
Rehena Prior (Parent and founder, Diversity-Otherwise)
Gabrielle Pritchard (Author)
Siobhán Pritchard (Youth worker)
PA Privetti (School Librarian)
Dr John Privilege (Author)
Joanne Proctor (Reader and teenager)
Lynn Proctor (Reader and parent)
Linda Proud (Author)
Julie Prowizor (School librarian)
Sally Prue (Author)
Chris Prytherch-Roberts (Reader, author)
Julia Pugh (Reader)
Christine Pugsley (School librarian)
Diana Pullein-Thompson (Author)
Debbie Pullinger (Author and editor)
Kim Pullinger (Child reader)
Philip Pullman (Author)
Joel Puolimatka (Reader)
Lesley Purcell (School librarian)
John Purdie (Writer)
Dr Diane Purkiss (Author and Academic)
Helena Purves (BBC Researcher)
Katy Purvis (Parent)
Andre Pusey (Librarian)
Cathy Putnam (Parent)
Jennifer Putnam (Teacher)
Harriet Quail (Student)
Sarah Quibell (Bookseller)
Sheila Quigley (Author)
Audrey Quinn (Parent)
Dakota Quinn (Reader and aspiring writer)
Dakota Quinn (Writer)
Fiona Quinn (Reader)
Susan Quinn (Author)
Heidi Quist (Writer)
Rachel Ragg (Freelance writer, parent)
Nutan Rajguru (Reader)
Pyllis Ramage (Librarian, academic)
Taylor Rambo (Reader, Musician)
Caterina Ramonda (Librarian)
Marianne Ramsay (Bookseller)
Robert Ramster (Student)
Nicky Ransley (School Librarian)
Joan L Raphael (Youth librarian)
Alison Rapley (School librarian)
Liz Rastrick (Librarian)
Jane Ratcliffe (Librarian)
Rajitha Ratnam (Reader)
Anjali Ravat (Student)
Anushka Ravishankar (Author)
Tamar Ravon (Parent)
Lorna Rawlings (Teacher)
Jane Ray (Illustrator)
Tabatha Rayment (Author, former teacher)
Iabella Rayne (Writer)
Steven Rayner (Reader)
Jane Read (Author)
Euan Redfern (Student)
Rob Redman (Editor)
Celia Rees (Author)
Ena Rees (Teacher)
Jon Rees (Psychology lecturer)
Libby Rees (Author and youth ambassador)
Tony Rees (Parent)
Laura Reeve (Author)
Gail Reeves (Parent)
Jane Reeves (School Librarian)
Isabelle Register (School Librarian)
Elaine Reid (Reader)
Kamilla Reid (Author)
Kevin Reid (Librarian)
Laura Reid (Reader)
Sue Reid (Author)
Vicky Reid (Student)
Bailey Reidinger (Librarian)
Becky Reisig (Reader)
Rachael Rena (Reader)
Ellen Renner (Writer)
Helen Renson (School Librarian)
Jane Renton (Parent)
Lexi Revellian (Author)
Shelley Revill (Reader)
Clare Reyes (Parent)
Aidan Reynolds (Writer)
Angela J Reynolds (Children's Librarian)
GayLynn Reynolds (School librarian)
Kate Reynolds (Reader)
Katie Reynolds (Reader)
Oliver Reynolds (Student)
Peter Reynolds (Bookseller and parent)
Professor Kimberley Reynolds (School of English, Newcastle University)
Tina Reynolds (Librarian)
Judith Rhodes (Librarian)
Sheila Rhodes (Retired children's bookseller)
Tania Rhodes-Taylor (Head of marketing and Communications, Institute of Education, University of London)
Bettie Riall (Librarian)
Liz Rich (Reader)
Alan Richards (Parent and Educationalist)
Anita Richards (Reader)
Ashlea Richards (Student)
Caroline Richards (School Librarian)
Danielle Richards (Parent)
Ella Richards (Student)
Jan Richards (School librarian)
Katherine Richards (Reader)
Rhianydd Richards (Reader)
Jan Richardson (Librarian)
Jayne Richardson (Parent)
Jody Richardson (Reader)
Iain Riddle (Reader)
Regie Rigby (Teacher)
Jennie Rigg (Reader)
Polly Riley (Student)
Russell Rimmer (Reader)
Alisha Ripley (Reader)
Marion Ripley (Director, ClearVision children's braille library)
Rose Rivers ()
Wolfren Riverstick (Author)
Elias Roa (National Youth Rights Agency)
Mark Robberts (Author, playwright)
Jan Robbins (Bookseller, children's literature specialist)
Joe Robbins (Reader)
Miriam Robbins (Librarian)
Eileen Roberts (School librarian)
Fiona Roberts (Literature graduate)
Jane Roberts (Parent)
Jonathan Roberts (MSc Youth Work Course leader)
Lesley Roberts (School librarian)
Margaret Roberts (Illustrator, grandparent)
Pauline Roberts (Librarian)
Penny Roberts (Librarian)
Stephanie Roberts (Librarian)
Stephanie Roberts (Parent)
Sue Roberts (Dyslexia support)
Sue Roberts (Teacher and parent)
Tom Roberts (Reader)
Aola Robertson (Librarian)
Dr Malcolm Robertson (Director Fidra books)
Evie Robertson (Student)
John Robertson (Reader)
Liz Robertson (School IT Support and parent)
Vanessa Robertson (Managing Director, Fidra Books Ltd)
Madeleine Robins (Author, parent)
Anne Robinson (SLA School Librarian of the Year 2005)
Barbara Robinson (Teacher)
Charlotte Robinson (Parent)
David Robinson (Books editor, The Scotsman)
Georgia Robinson (Teenage reader)
Hilary Robinson (Author)
Karen Robinson (Librarian)
Katy Robinson (Editorial assistant)
Kirsty Robinson (Bookseller)
Kirsty Robinson (Former librarian and book-buying honorary aunt)
Matt Robinson (Reader)
Tom Robinson (Student)
Elly Robson (Reader)
Jennifer Robson (Reader)
Jodie Robson (Parent)
Kelvin Robson ( Educational Psychologist (retired))
Joseph Roc-Tabios (Reader)
John Rocco (Author,illustrator)
Peter Roche (Mature Literary Student)
Stephen Rodger (Reader)
Clare Rodgers (Scottish Book Trust)
Layla Rodham (Teacher)
Diana Rodriguez (Author and retired teacher)
Dustin Rodriguez (Reader)
Steven Roe (Student)
Stephanie Roff (Librarian)
Maedhbh Rogan-McGann (Librarian)
Allie Rogers (Librarian)
Judith Rogers (Library Resource Centre Manager)
Leonor Rogers (Reader)
Niki Rogers (School librarian)
Sarah Rogers (School librarian)
Carrie Rogers-Whitehead (Youth librarian)
Jennifer Rohsler (Teacher)
Christine Ronaldson (Calibre Audio library)
Anne Rooney (Author)
Wendy Rosbottom (Teacher)
Wendy Rosbottom (Teacher)
Barbara Rose (Reader)
Liz Rose (Children's Librarian)
Neti Rose (Parent dyslexic child)
Sally Rose (Bookseller)
Will Rose (Teacher)
Michael Rosen (Author and Children's Laureate 2007-2009)
Lucy Rosenthal (Librarian)
Daniel Rosevall (Student)
Alyson Ross (Children's bookseller, publisher's assistant)
Amanda Ross (Cactus TV)
Bernie Ross (Grandmother)
Elizabeth Ross (Author)
Jennifer Ross (Teenage reader)
Lillian Ross (Teacher)
Stewart Ross (Author)
Beth Rosser (Teacher)
Renee Roth (Librarian)
James Rouch (Author, literary agent)
Alexandra Roumbas (Professional blogger and online editor)
Wendy Rouse (Director - theatre for young audiences)
Chris Routh (School librarian)
Chris Routledge (Writer, editor)
Joan Routledge (Primary Headteacher)
Lucy Rowan-Robinson (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)
Lesley Rowe (Author)
Stephanie Rowe (Author)
JK Rowling (Author)
Elizabeth Roy (Agent)
Malini Roy (Academic)
Julia Royce (Parent)
Alex Ruble (Reader)
Kate Rudd (Parent)
Professor David Rudd (Professor of Children's Literature and author/critic)
Anthony Rudolf (Publisher)
Ciriaco Rueda-Sabater (Student, young reader)
Peter Rumney (Author and artist in schools)
Donal Rush (Reader)
Jamie Rushbrook (Chase Terrace Technology College)
Rosie Rushton (Author)
Liz Russ (Reader)
Charlotte Russell (Student)
Fiona Russell (Illustrator)
Sibyl Ruth (Author)
Elli Rutson (School librarian)
Gemma Rutterford (Reader)
Jill Ryall (Parent)
Ann-Marie Ryan (Bookseller)
Daniel Ryan (Children's librarian)
Margaret Ryan (Author and former teacher)
Margaret Ryan (Reader)
David Ryder (Printer and parent)
Jessica Ryder (Printer and parent )
Emma Rye (Librarian)
Gilly Ryle-Hodges (Reader)
Kanuni S. (Reader)
Anna Sabine (Parent)
Tasha Saecker (Librarian)
Angie Sage (Reader)
Amrit Saggu (Former library assistant)
Ruth-Ann Sahin (Parent)
SF Said (Author)
Rajeev Saigal (Student)
Hannah Saks (Bookseller)
David Salariya (Author)
Natasha Salisbury (Teacher)
Nuala Salter (School Library Service librarian)
Harrison Salzman (Reader)
Chiles Samaniego (Author)
Kate Sambell (Teacher)
Clare Sambrook (Author)
Jonathan Sambrook (Parent)
Carmel Sammut (Academic)
Stephanie Sampson (Reader)
Cori Samuel (Reader)
Jennifer Sandell (Librarian)
Dr Joe Sanders (Professor of Children's Literature)
Jackie Sanders (Reader)
Karen Sandilands (Reader)
Amanda Dos Santos (Reader)
Teresa Santos (Reader)
Claire Sapiano (English Teacher)
Gerard Sargent (Teacher)
James Sargent (Writer)
Jenefer Sargent (Reader)
Linda Sargent (Reader)
Lucy Sarland (Retired teacher)
Freda Satow (Grandparent)
Tina Sattler (Mother to two dyslexic children)
Harriet Saul (Reader)
Jamie Saunders (Student)
Kaye Savage (Reader)
Colin Sawers (Librarian)
Esther Saxey (Academic)
Anthony Saxton (Reader)
Jill Saxton (Grandparent)
Patrick Scalisi (Author)
Julie Scanlan (Parent)
Hazel Scanlon (School Librarian)
Tamsin Scarbro (Teacher)
Emma Scatterty (Student)
Jayne Scaysbrook (SENCo)
Michelle Scerri (Reader)
Bridget Schaumann (School librarian, parent)
Rob Schmieder (Director of Communications, New England Conservatory)
Caroline Schneider (Librarian)
Myra Schneider (Author)
Nathalie Schorbon (Librarian)
Patti Schreiner (Parent, writer)
Viviane Schwarz (Author and illustrator)
Cath Scoffield (Reader)
Liz Scoggins (Editor, former bookseller)
Calvin Scott (Reader)
Courtney Scott (Young reader)
Dale H Scott (School Librarian)
Donna Scott (Author and editor)
Elspeth S Scott (School Librarian)
Frances Scott (Reader)
Helen Scott (Avid reader)
Janet Scott (Reader)
Philippa Scott (Bookseller)
Phillip Scott (Student)
Rachael Scott (Student)
Sally Scott (Author)
Sarah Scott (Reader)
Sue Scott (Reader)
Alex Scourfield (Young reader)
Penny Scown (Senior editor, Scholastic NZ)
Catriona Scrimgeour (Parent)
Vanessa Scullion (Trainee teacher)
Elizabeth Scully (Parent)
Bridget Scurfield (Bookseller, parent)
Rachael Seager (Parent)
Jonathan Seales (Reader)
Bronwen Sealy (Teacher, librarian)
Anna Searle (Grandparent)
Meredith Secaur (Reader)
Marcus Sedgwick (UK Sales Manager Walker Books and author)
Jonathan Selby (Teacher)
C Selena (Teacher)
Ashley Sellers (Reader)
Burnetta Sellers (Grandparent, former teacher)
Trista Selous (Parent)
Daniel Selwood (Editor)
Matthew Wayne Selznick (Author, podcaster)
Anna Semmens (School librarian)
Claire Senior (Author)
Patricia Senn (Teacher)
Andrew Sennett (Parent and Reader)
Jo Sennitt (School librarian)
Jane Serraillier (Estate of Ian Serraillier)
Frances Sessford (Publishing teaching fellow)
Jaspal Sev (Student)
David Severn (Illustrator)
Sarah Severn (Student)
Geof Sewell (Teacher)
Charles Sexton (Author)
Farah Shahabuddin (Reader)
Alison Shakspeare (Author and editor)
Miranda Shale (Parent)
Jane Shallcrass (School Librarian)
Kara Shallenberg (Reader)
Darren Shan (Author)
Neta Shanas (Reader)
Carys Shannon (Writer)
Eyke Shannon (Reader)
Adam J. Shardlow (Author)
Glen Sharman (Grandparent)
Joy Sharman (Grandparent, retired librarian)
Jenny Sharp (Author)
Clair Sharpe (Parent and Librarian)
Eileen Shaw (Reader)
Judith Shaw (Dyslexia and education consultant)
S William Shaw (Reader)
Leonie Shearing (Illustrator)
Aine Sheehan (Teenage reader)
Kayleigh Sheehan (Reader)
Lorrie Sheehy (Bookseller, Freddie & Sunshine Children's Bookshop, Salisbury)
Borbala Shehata (Parent & Educationalist)
Lindsay Shelden (Reader)
Dyan Sheldon (Author)
John Shelley (Illustrator)
Chelsie Shepherd (Student)
Deirdre Shepherd (Parent and reader)
James Shepherd (Reader)
Nicci Shepherd (Librarian)
Thomas Shepherd (Author)
Charmian Sheppard (County Councillor and parent)
Joanne Sheppard (English literature graduate)
Kylie Sheppard (Parent)
Tim Sherf (Author)
Kate Sherrard (Reader)
David Sherren (Librarian)
Nichola Sherriff (Parent and collector of children's books)
Will Shetterly (Author)
Charlie Shields (Author)
Dhruve Shikotra (Student)
Brenda Shirley (Grandmother)
Brett Shoemaker (English literature graduate)
David Shone (Parent)
Helen Shone (Parent)
Lisa Shores (Librarian)
Jo Shorrocks (Reader)
Sarah Short (Student)
Una Shrestha (Reader)
Karen Shum (Reader)
Beckie Shuttlewood (Student)
Christine Shuttleworth (Translator)
Mike Shuttleworth (Librarian)
Sif Sigmarsdóttir (Author)
Danielle Signor (Writer)
Thomasin Silk (Parent)
Anna Silva (Editorial Assistant, Stripes)
Peter Silva (CEO, Peers Early Education Partnership)
Sandra Silvester (Teacher)
Gemma Simmons (Assistant editor, Miles Kelly)
Jane Simmons (Author, illustrator)
Mark Simmons (Parent)
Francesca Simon (Author)
Deborah Simpson (Author)
Elaine Simpson (Librarian)
Janet Simpson (Parent)
John Paul Simpson (Bookseller)
Roz Simpson (Bookseller)
Tim Simpson (Reader)
Frances Sinclair (School Librarian)
Laura Sinclair (Librarian)
Margaret Sinclair (Teacher, writer and parent)
Nicky Singer (Author)
Deb Siviter (Children's librarian)
Steve Skidmore (Author)
Jennifer Skillen (Parent)
Mike Skinner (County Councillor)
Claire Skinner (Teacher)
Olivia Skinner (Editor)
Rosamund Skinner (Headteacher)
Sarah Skinner (bookseller)
Alison Skipper (Librarian)
Samantha Skyrme (Author)
Audrey Slater (Teacher)
Moira Slater (School librarian)
Liz Slattery (Step-granny)
Malgosia Slawinski (Author)
Line Sletvold (Writer)
Robin Slick (Author)
Maggie Slight (Librarian)
Carolyn Sloan (Author)
Nannette S. Slone (Teacher)
Caroline Smailes (Author)
Lesley Smales (School Librarian)
Richard Small (Bookseller)
Emmeline Smart (Reader)
Vikki Smart (Teacher)
Jude Smeaton (School librarian)
Rachel Smigielski (Reader)
David Smith (Teacher)
Alex Smith (Reader)
Alex Smith (Student)
Alexander Gordon Smith (Author)
Alexander McCall Smith (Author)
Alison Smith (Reader)
Anna Smith (Parent)
Arlene Smith (Writer)
Becca Smith (Student)
Betty Smith (Parent)
Chrissie Smith (Librarian)
Colin Smith (Teacher)
Daniel Smith (Chase Terrace Technology College)
Daniel Smith (Young reader)
Deb Smith (Teacher, librarian)
Doda Smith (Children's poet)
Dr Lucy Smith (Researcher, parent)
Elaine Smith (Former librarian and parent)
Eleanor Smith (Reader)
Emily Smith (Student)
Hannah Smith (Reader)
Helen Smith (School librarian)
Helen Smith (School Librarian)
Jane Smith (Parent)
Jenifer Smith (Lecturer in Education)
John M. Smith (Parent)
Jon Smith (Author)
Katy Smith (Librarian)
Lewis Smith (Reader)
Liz Smith (School librarian)
Melanie Smith (Bookseller)
Nick Smith (Parent)
Nigel Smith (Bookseller, parent)
Randy Smith (Bookseller)
Robin Smith (Parent)
Ruth Smith (Teacher)
S. J. Smith (Reader)
Sherwood Smith (Teacher)
Simon M Smith (Reader, artist)
Sophie Smith (Reader)
Sue Smith (Reader)
Tim Smith (Librarian)
Tom Rob Smith (Author)
Verity Smith (Teacher)
Vicki Smith (Reader)
Wendy Smith (Author)
Wes Smith (Student)
Rebecca Smith-Gordon (Reader)
Pam Smy (Illustrator and lecturer)
Andy Smyth (Teacher)
Jenny Smyth (Teacher)
Colin Smythe (Publisher and agent)
Rebecca Snape (Reader)
Breda Sneddon (Parent)
Peter Snell (Bookseller)
Peter Snell (Manager, Corbett's Bookshop)
Martha Snowden (Author)
Shawn Sobers (Teacher)
Kath Soden (Grandparent)
Camilla Solberg (Reader)
Anne Solley (Reader)
Grant Solomon (Publisher)
Naomi Solomon (Bookseller)
Nina Solomon (Educationalist for children with learning difficulties)
Rachael Solomon (Teacher, parent, Woodcraft Folk Adult Leader)
Rebecca Sommerville (Reader)
Julie Sorrell (Reader)
Peter Sorrill (Reader)
Sascha Soteriou (Reader)
Andreu Sottora (Author)
Marika Soulsby (Librarian)
Heather Southall (School Librarian)
Gill Southby (Children's Librarian)
Penny Southby (Mother, reader, teacher)
Jeff Souther (Bookseller, writer)
Rachel Southern (Primary school teacher)
Pamela Southgate (Author)
Chris Spalding (Author)
Liz Speake (Education advisor and grandmother)
Maureen Kincaid Speller (Critic, academic)
Alex J Spence (Author)
Emily Spencer (Student)
James Spencer (Student)
Michael Spencer (Student)
Gary Spencer Millidge (Writer, illustrator, publisher)
Thomas Sperling (Illustrator)
Nicholas Spice (Publisher, London Review of Books)
Ed Spicer (Teacher)
Yasmin Spiegel (Reader)
Daan Spijer (Author)
Jo Spillane (Parent, publisher OUP)
Tracy Spillane (Reader)
Gabrielle Spillman (Librarian)
Jacqui Spink (Teacher, lover of children's books)
Josh Spinks (Student)
Tara Spinks (Manager, music house children's bookshop)
Jan Spoor (Editor, former bookseller)
Sarah Spoor (Parent)
Peter R Spratley (Academic)
Judith Sprawling (Librarian)
Kathi Spray (Author)
Geneen Spreull (School librarian)
Nicci Sprey (Learning services tutor)
Llinos Spriggs (Teacher)
Sian Spriggs (Teacher)
Ami Springthorpe (Student)
Kate Sprott (Reader)
Sylvia Spruck Wrigley (Parent)
Sophie Squire (Chase Terrace Technology College)
Tim Squirrell (Reader)
Hannah St. John (Teenage reader)
Rosemary Stables (Teacher)
Joanne Stacey (English Teacher)
Lauren Stacey (Student)
Patrick Stacey (Journalist)
Rebecca Stacey (Teacher)
Glynis Stack (School librarian)
Joanne Stafferton (Parent)
Marie Stafford (Parent)
Robert Staley (Reader)
Daniela Stamatiadis (Illustrator)
Kristofer J Stamp (Publisher)
Richard Stamp (Ex-bookseller)
Yasmin Standen (Literary Agent)
Alex Standish (Author, editor, BBC broadcaster)
Jen Stankiewicz (Kindergarten Teacher)
Rebecca Stanley (Student)
Jane Stansfield (Teacher)
Jonathan Stansfield (Reader)
Sarah Stansfield (Reader)
Barbara Stark (Parent)
Debbie Starrs (Parent)
Sally Startup (Author, parent)
Emily Statham (Student)
Suzanne Staub (School Librarian)
Luan Stauss (Bookseller)
Rob Steedman (Student)
Mandy Steel (School Librarian)
Sue Steel (Bookseller, Simply Books)
Carol Steele (Teacher)
Mary Steele (Children's librarian)
Daneet Steffens (Editor, Mslexia)
John H M Stein (Reader)
Katherine Steiner (Reader)
Alissa Steinhoff (Children's librarian)
Jim Stell (Writer, editor)
Antonia Stemp (Magazine deputy editor)
Jane Stemp (Author and librarian)
Jo Stephen (Graduating librarian)
Auda Stephens (Parent)
John Stephens (Parent)
Nadia Stephens (Child reader)
Wendy Stephens (Librarian)
Chris Stephenson (Carousel)
Enid Stephenson (Carousel)
Sarah Stephenson (English teacher)
Trevor Stephenson (Parent)
Louise Sterling (Graphic Designer / Illustrator)
Adriana Stern (Writer)
Chris Stern (Reader)
Geraldine Stevens (Author)
Kate Stevens (Children's Librarian)
Margaret Stevens (Author)
Rosie Stevens (English Teacher)
Alan Stevenson (Writer)
Juliet Stevenson (Actress)
Sam Stevenson (Reader)
Vicki Stevenson (Reader)
Phoebe Stevenson-Leggett (Student)
Jesse Stewart (Author)
Joel Stewart (Author)
Lesley Stewart (Reader)
Paul Stewart (Author)
Stephen Stewart (Student)
Sarah Stiles (Reader)
Suzanne Stimpson (Former headteacher)
Amanda Stirrup (School librarian)
Ammie Stobaugh (Aunt)
Samantha Stockin (Reader)
Susan Stockman (Grandmother, bibliophile)
Cath Stolton (Parent)
Rebecca Stone (Teacher)
Vicky Stone (Reader)
Jo Stonehouse (Primary teacher)
Rosemary Stones (Editor, Books for Keeps)
Heather Stoney (Step-grandparent)
Wendy Storer (Author)
Louise Stothard (Reviewer)
Janet Stovold (Parent)
Mik Stovold (Parent)
Linda Strachan (Author)
Maria Strachan (Author, librarian)
Patricia Strachan (Grandparent)
William Strath (Headmaster)
Tim Street (Retired teacher)
Rae Streets (Reader)
Kellie Strom (Author/illustrator)
Melanie Strong (Library Assistant)
Charlie Stross (Author)
Jonathan Stroud ( Author)
Kane Stuart (Child reader)
Martin Stubbs (Parent)
Sheila Sturgess (Librarian)
Paula Guy Stuve (Librarian)
Jan Styles (School librarian)
Abigail Stynes-Webb (Reader)
LeAnn Suchy (School Librarian)
Clare Sudbery (Author)
Kirsten Sullivan (Teacher)
Alan Summers (Writer, illustrator, publisher)
Carl Surridge (Parent)
Mary Sutcliffe (Senior Lecturer, Primary Teacher Education)
Will Sutherington (Student)
Jodie Sutherland (ex-teacher, future parent)
Alice Suttie (Writer)
Gary Sutton (School Librarian)
Hana Sutton (Student)
Jennifer Sutton (Reader)
Joanaa Sutton (Reader)
John Sutton (Agent)
Elizabeth Suzuma (Teacher, parent)
Tabitha Suzuma (Author, teacher)
Justine Swainson (Teacher, writer)
James Swallow (Author)
Jessica Sweeney (Young reader)
Melissa Sweet (Author and Illustrator)
Ellenor Swinbank (Seven Stories)
Jean Swinbank (Television media manager, librarian)
Brenda Swindells (Grandparent, retired teacher, children's book enthusiast)
Ruth Swindon (Bookworm Ltd)
Helen Swinyard (School librarian)
Kit Syder (Librarian)
Mark Syder (Writer)
Tom Syder (Young reader)
Julie Sykes (Author)
Ann Symons (School Librarian)

The list of supporters has grown so much that we have split it into six. This page has people whose surnames begin with the letters P-S. Other pages have surnames A-C, D-G, H-L, M-O, T-Z and the latest additions to the list.

NB Please bear with us if your name is not yet on this list. There is an inevitable delay between you sending your email and it being uploaded.

To sign up and show your support for this statement, send an email to . We will publish your name and any relevant description (eg author, librarian, bookseller) on this web site. We'll keep your email address confidential and won't pass it to anybody else, but we may write occasionally with relevant news.

Our full statement is on the front page.

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