No to Age Banding


Many of the people who have signed up to this campaign have sent us messages of support, and told us why they, personally, are against age-banding. We can't include them all, and not just because we respect the privacy of children whose parents have told us about their dyslexia (or have other special needs); there are just too many. But we read every letter, and we are grateful to everyone who has written to us - and to everyone who has written in support of the campaign in newspapers or blogs.

We have now enlarged this section of the web site and if you click the appropriate link you can read ...

We are working on adding comments from other supporters so please check back soon.

To sign up and show your support for our statement, send an email to . We will publish your name and any relevant description (eg writer, bookseller) on this web site. We'll keep your email address confidential and won't pass it to anybody else, but we may write occasionally with relevant news.

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