No to Age Banding


We are writers, illustrators, librarians, teachers, booksellers, publishers, educationalists, psychologists, parents and grandparents. Some of the undersigned writers and illustrators have a measure of control over what appears on the covers of their books; others have less.

But we are all agreed that the proposal to put an age-guidance figure on books for children is ill-conceived, damaging to the interests of young readers, and highly unlikely, despite the claims made by those publishers promoting the scheme, to make the slightest difference to sales.

We take this step to disavow publicly any connection with such age-guidance figures, and to state our passionately-held conviction that everything about a book should seek to welcome readers in and not keep them out.

The list of supporters has grown so much that we have split it into six. This page has people whose surnames begin with the letters A-C. Other pages have surnames D-G, H-L, M-O, P-S, T-Z and the latest additions to the list.

Chester Aaron (Author)
Nick Abadzis (Author, illustrator, cartoonist)
Tom Abba (Academic)
Susan Abbott (Librarian)
Ladka Abdennour (Publishing and literature graduate)
Eric Abraham (Artist)
Browen Ackhurst (Parent)
Nicole Acosta (Writer)
Sally Acott (Devoted reader)
Terka Acton (Editor and parent)
Marie Acuff (Author)
Robin Adair (Writer)
Carole Adam (Parent)
Chrissie Adamowicz (Student)
David Adams (Head of Creative Expression, Somerset)
Ernest Adams (Author)
Guy Adams (Author)
Jason Adams (Librarian)
Jennifer Owen Adams (Education and policy director, British Dyslexia Association)
Juliet Adams (Home-educator)
Mike Adams (Retired teacher)
Patricia Adams (Retired teacher)
Tricia Adams (Librarian, YLG Chair 2008)
Dr Donald Adamson (Literary critic)
Merf Adamson (Parent, reader)
Nicola Adcock (Literature graduate)
Sunder Cameron Addams (author, editor, writing tutor)
Thom Addinall-Biddulph (President, Durham University English Society)
Kelly Addleman (Librarian)
Anne Adeney (Author)
Crystal Adkins (Reviewer, Publisher PR)
Ben Kelly Adshead (Teenage reader, student)
David Adshead (Special Needs outreach teacher)
Dee Adshead (Parent, writer)
Patrice Aggs (Illustrator)
Mary-Rose Agius (Reader)
Kate Agnew (Editor)
Lesley Agnew (Bookseller, Children's Bookshop, Muswell Hill)
Trevor Agnew (Book reviewer)
Elizabeth Ahlquist (Specialist children's bookseller)
Milly Ahlquist (Reader)
Saqib Ahmed (Child reader)
Dani Ahrens (Parent)
Pearl Ahrens (Reader)
Lizza Aiken (Author)
Linda Aird (School librarian)
Michelle Aird (Bookseller, Tower Bookshop)
Kerry Aitken (Information Scientist, British Council)
Leigh Aitken (Teacher)
Richard Aitken (Reader)
Jean Ajin (Teacher)
Jo Akers (Librarian)
Elisabeth Alba (Illustrator)
Cait Alborn (Student)
Cait Alborn (Student)
John Aldersley-Williams (Reader)
Louise Alderton (Teacher)
Kate Aldous (Illustrator)
Shelley Aldred (Parent)
Tina Aldred (Teaching Assistant in E.B.D School)
Alma Alexander (Author)
Jenny Alexander (Author)
Jude Alexander (Trainee teacher)
Mary Alexander (Teacher)
Sam Alexander (Child reader)
Goldie Alexaner (Author)
Alison Allan (Reader)
Jaime Allan (Reader)
Tavia Allan (Teacher)
Julie Allcock (Parent)
Lissa Allcock (Librarian)
Claire Alleaume (Reader)
Michelle Alleman (Children's librarian)
Cristina Allen (Teacher)
Eleanor Allen (Author)
Georgina Allen (Parent)
Hattie Allen (Student)
Helen Allen (Teacher)
Judy Allen (Author)
Lizzie Allen (Theatre director)
Max Allen (Author)
Rebecca Allen (Literature student)
Alison Allen-Gray (Author)
Fiona Allison (Reader development officer)
Stuart Allison (Author)
Judith Allnatt (Writer)
David Almond (Author)
Helena Alston (Reader)
Steve Alton (Author)
Janine Amos (Author)
Allie Anders (Author)
Beth Anderson (Teenage reader)
Daniel Anderson (Librarian)
Fiona Anderson (Journalist)
Johanna Anderson (Librarian)
Judith Anderson (Author)
Malcolm Anderson (Author, parent)
Nathalie Anderson (Teacher)
Nicholas Anderson (Journalism Student)
R. J. Anderson (Author)
Rachel Anderson (Author)
Rosemary Anderson (Editor)
Tracey Anderson (Teacher)
Willie Anderson (Bookseller)
Ossie Anderson-Peled (Parent)
Ann Andrew (Parent)
Ian Andrew (Author)
Dennis Andrewartha (Councillor)
Kailee Andrews (Reader)
Scott Andrews (Author)
Carole Angier (Author)
Clare Angrave (Student)
James Angus (Author, journalist)
James Angus (Short Story Author)
Rosie Angus (Ex-English Teacher/ Library Assistant)
Catherine Anholt (Author and bookseller)
Laurence Anholt (Author and bookseller)
Claire Annals (Editor)
Kristin Annexstad (Sales rep, Macmillan Publisher)
Stuart Ansell (Teacher)
Charles Anthony (Reader)
Alex Antscherl (Children’s book editor and parent)
Amer Anwar (Author)
Susan Appleby (School librarian)
Sheila Apps (Reader)
Gill Arbuthnott (Author)
Anne Archer (School Librarian)
Linda Archer (Statistician, mother and grandmother)
Mathew Archer (Publisher)
Mathew Archer (Publisher)
Sally Archer (Reader)
Vivian Archer (Newham Bookshop)
Liz Argall (Writer)
Charlie Argles (Library assistant)
Helen Armfield (Author and bookseller)
Caitrin Armstrong (Scottish Book Trust)
Jennifer Armstrong (Freelance editor)
Kathryn M P Armstrong (Young People's Services Coordinator, South Tyneside Libraries)
Bruce Arnold (Author)
Elizabeth Arnold (Author)
Jayne Arnold (Reader and Godparent)
Annette Arnott (Parent)
Fiona Arnott (Aunt, Godmother)
Dr Frederique Arreckx (Senior lecturer, speech and language)
Lesley Arrowsmith (Bookseller)
Jane Arthur (Bookseller)
Laura Ashford (Librarianship student)
Bernard Ashley (Author)
Dave Ashley (Parent)
Chris Ashton (Family Education Manager )
Sherry Ashworth (Author, creative writing lecturer)
Ros Asquith (Author and illustrator)
Ruth Asquith (Writer)
Lucy Astill (Student)
Matt Athanasiou (Writer)
Hazel Atkin (Reader)
Joe Atkinson (Student)
Owen Atkinson (Chief Executive, ALCS)
Rachel Atkinson (Reader)
Debby Atwell (Children's Librarian, author and illustrator)
Steve Augarde (Author, illustrator)
Palmyre Auger (Library student)
Louise Austin (Bookseller)
Virginia Austin (Writer, illustrator)
Brice Avery (Author)
Jenny Avery (Home educator, mother)
Manel Awajan (Bookseller)
Björn Axelsson (Reader)
Alan Ayckbourn (Playwright, grandparent)
Gena Ayre-Lynch (Student)
Isabel Ayre-Lynch (Student)
Sol Ayre-Lynch (Student)
Will Azeperak (Author)
Jane Glennie Babbitt (Youth Services Librarian)
Christine Babbs (School Librarian)
Barbara Badger (Grandparent)
Jane Badger (Bookseller)
Katie Baggott (Student)
Helen Bailey (Author)
Jill Bailey (Author)
Susan Bailey (Reader)
Will Bailey (Student)
Tara Bailey-Tomlinson (Teacher, writer)
Elisabeth Baillie (Reader)
Elizabeth Baines (Author)
Natasha Baines (Reader)
Tracy Baines (Author)
Stuart Baird (Director, Generation Youth Issues)
Catherine Baker (Reader)
Shawn Baker (Reader)
Jen Bakewell (Librarian)
Diane M Bakhda (Children's librarian and teacher (retired))
Sarah Baldrey (Clinical pscyhologist)
Liz Baldry (Parent)
Dorothy Baldwin (Reader)
Paul Baldwin (Parent)
Jennie Bales (Teacher, librarian)
Gordon Balfour Haynes (Publisher and pre-press service provider)
Antti P Balk (Author, editor, translator)
Patrick Ball (Student)
Sue Ball (Librarian)
Victoria Ball (Illustrator)
Charlotte Ballard (Librarian)
Cathy Balme (Illustrator, cartoonist)
Robert Baltzer (Parent)
James Bamber (Reader)
Liz Bamber (Participation Coordinator, Seven Stories)
Marianne Bamkin (Librarian)
Barbara Band (School Librarian)
Graham Banks (Teacher)
Iain Banks (Author)
Lynne Reid Banks (Author)
Joanne Barber (Librarian)
Ros Barber (Author and parent)
Helen Barham (Freelance editor)
Betsy Barker (Teacher)
Loraine Anne Barker (Author)
Louise Barker (Teenage Reader)
Charlotte Barlow (Reader)
Steve Barlow (Author)
Angela Barmby (Parent)
Diana Barnes (Children's Librarian)
Emma Barnes (Snowbooks ltd)
M Barnes (Young reader)
Anthony Barnett (Reader)
Claire Barnett (Reader)
Clare Barnett (SEN Teacher)
Paula Barnett (Author)
Rowan Barnett (Reader)
Philippa Barr (School Librarian)
Andrew Barratt (School librarian)
Mark Barratt (Author)
Gemma Barrett (Illustrator)
Rachel Barrett (Reader)
Rosie Barrett (Young reader)
Lee-Anne Barrie (School Librarian)
Karen Barritt (Teacher)
Andrew Barrow (Librarian)
Alexandra Barry (Teacher)
Grace Barson (Student)
Leslie Barson (Home educator)
Jason Barstow (Parent)
Chris Bartlett (Journalist)
Rachael Bartlett (Reader)
Rod Bartlett (Reader)
Oliver Bartley (Reader)
Julia Barton (Librarian)
Julie Barton (Children's literature postgraduate student)
Maren Barton (Teacher)
Marie Barton (Author and educator)
Victoria Barton (Librarian)
Emily Barwell (Librarian)
Nadia Bashoo (Author)
Guy Bass (Author)
Kate Bastedo (Teacher and parent)
Tom Bate (Parent)
Carol Bates (School Librarian)
Jeri Bates (Literacy worker)
Diogo Castro Batista (Child reader)
Luke Batten (Reader)
Carol Baughman (Children's library consultant)
Nina Bawden (Author)
Christopher Bazalgette (Parent and writer)
Ruth Beachim (School librarian)
Felicity Beadman (Reader)
Michelle Beagan (Reader)
George Beahm (Author)
James Beal (Parent, reader)
William Beal (Bookseller)
Callie Bealor (Teacher)
Sarah Beardsall (TV producer)
Terri Bearhope (Parent)
Cat Bearne (Student)
Tom Beasley (Teenage reader)
Clare Beaton (Author and illustrator)
Heidi Beck (Writer)
Hazel Becker (Children's librarian)
Tom Becker (Author)
Amanda Beckett (Parent, Aunt)
David Bedford (Author)
H Cherdon Bedford (Author,illustrator)
Sara Bedford (Parent)
William Bee (Author and illustrator)
Ashley Beene (Reader)
Jenny Beer (Reader)
James Begley (Reader)
Maggie Beigel (Parent)
Mary Beith (Author)
Owen Beith (Translator)
David Belbin (Author)
Kate Belcher (Trainee teacher)
John Belden (Journalist)
Melodi Belei (English Teacher and Librarian)
Camilla Bell (Parent)
Josh Bell (Reader)
Maite Bell (Reader)
Margaret Bell (Teacher)
Lionel Bender (Author, editor,book packager)
Angela Benedetti (Author)
Will Benica (Teacher, parent)
Catherine Bennett (Reader)
David Bennett (Librarian)
David Bennett (Publisher, Boxer Books)
Jill Bennett (School governor, ex-bookseller, parent)
Katherine S Bennett (Editor, literacy trainer)
Peggy Bennett (Parent)
Penelope Bennett (Author)
Rebecca Bennett (Reader)
Gerard Benson (Poet, singer and Story-teller)
Matthew J Benson (Librarian)
Elizabeth Bentley (Head of Learning Resources)
Madeleine Bentley (Librarian)
Clare Beresford (Reader)
Maya Berger (Editor)
Jon Berkeley (Author)
Mandy Berriman (Teacher)
Carrie G Berry (Writer)
Jackie Berry (Editor, AQUILA Children’s Magazine)
Martin Berry (Reader)
Leslie Berryhill (Bookseller)
Julie Bertagna (Author)
Jo Bertrand (EFL consultant and storyteller)
Shanna Berube (Reader)
Kate Beswick (Author)
Andrew Bevan (Reader)
Sue Beverley (Teaching assistant)
Anne Beverton (Grandparent)
Caroline Bevitt (Parent)
Nikhil Bhakta (Student)
Val Bhargava (Writer)
Rajnish Bhaskar (Reader)
Elisabeth Bickerton (Teacher, parent)
Elizabeth Bickham (Reader)
Steve Bicknell (Teacher)
Rachel Bide (School Librarian)
Valerie Bierman (Children's Book Consultant)
Valerie Bierman (Children's Book Consultant)
Heather Bignold (Librarian)
Carole Billingham (Children's Librarian)
Mark Billingham (Author)
Lynn Billings (Aunt)
Helen Bilton (Librarian)
Julie Binding (Teacher)
Louise Binns (Librarian)
Beverley Birch (Author)
Jennifer Birch (Reader)
Prof. Dinah Birch (Liverpool University)
Rowena Birch (Speech & language therapist)
Adele Bird (Chairman, Waltham Forest Dyslexia Association)
Allyson Bird (Author)
Beverley Bird (Principal library assistant)
Mary Bird (School librarian)
Nikolai Bird (Illustrator)
Jeanne Birdsall (Author)
Seth Birnbaum (Reader)
Becca Birtles (Parent)
Jim Bischoff (Teacher)
Sarah Bischoff (Special Needs Teacher)
Tom Bischoff (Retail manager)
John Bittleston (Author)
Stephanie Black (Parent)
Matthew A. Blackburn (Writer)
Malorie Blackman (Author)
Sarah Blackwell (Marketing manager)
Beccy Blake (Illustrator)
Katherine Blake (Author)
Kathryn Blake (Reader)
Kim Blake (Reader)
Quentin Blake (Author, Illustrator and Children's Laureate 1999-2001)
Vivienne Blake (Grandparent, author)
Rebecca Blakesley (Student)
Dee Blakley (Reader)
Sandi Blakney (Librarian, parent)
David Blanch (editor, Carousel)
Jenny Blanch (editor, Carousel)
B. Marshall Blanchard (Young reader)
Holly Bland (Reader)
Louise Blight (Aunt)
Len Blomstrand (SEN Consultant, school governor)
Thomas Bloor (Author)
Livia Bluecher (Aunt, writer)
Jax Blunt (Parent)
Katy Board (Reader)
Matt Board (Reader)
Lauren Boardman (Aunt)
Philip Boast (Author)
Donna Bobb (Reader)
Rob Boddy (Librarian)
Claudia Boers (Reader)
Arthur Boff (Student)
Ashley Bohen (Student)
Richard Boissonneault (Reader)
Lizanell Boman (Library Media Teacher and Parent)
Andrew Bond (Librarian)
Angela Bond (Reader)
Denis Bond (Author)
Liane Bond (Reader)
Michele Bond (Librarian)
Margaret Bone (Librarian)
Peter Bone (School Library Service Manager)
Jane Bonnell (School librarian)
Paul Bonner (Reader)
Helen Bonney (Author)
Ellen Booream (Author)
Sarah Boot-Handford (School librarian)
Christina Booth (Author, illustrator)
Fiona Booth (Reviewer)
Heather Booth (Librarian)
Helen Boothroyd (Librarian)
Shad Boots (Writer)
Graham Borland (Reader)
Naomi Bosch (Teenage writer)
Keir Bosley (Reader)
Kallie Bosran (Children's Librarian)
Kate Bosset (Grandparent)
Gail Bottomley (School Librarian)
Luke Bottrill (Student)
Laura Bouknight (Librarian)
Lisa Bourke (Bookseller)
Mike Bowe (Reader)
Sarah Bower (Author)
PJ Bowes (Reader)
Helen Bowes-Catton (Academic)
Tim Bowler (Author)
Helena Bowles (Children's bookseller)
Clare Bowley (Librarian)
Jenny Bowman (Postgraduate student children's literature)
Dr Niall Boyce (Reader)
David Boyd (Author)
William Reid Boyd (Retired teacher)
Kevin M. Boyle (Reader)
John Boyne (Author)
Geoff Boynton (Professor of Psychology)
Jacqueline Brading (KS2 teacher)
Cathy Bradley (School librarian)
John Bradley (Reader)
Lucy Bradley (Parent)
Michael Bradley (Parent)
Radhika Bradley (Child reader)
Ratnaranjini Bradley (Child reader)
Syama Priya Bradley (Child reader)
Tony Bradman (Author)
Marianne Bradnock (College librarian)
Ben Bradshaw (Reader)
Eric Brady (Parent)
Jane Brady (School Librarian)
Jon Brady (Reader)
Julie Brady (Parent)
Julie Brady (Retired children's librarian)
Emma Braithwate (Editorial co-ordinator)
Vendla Bramble (Writer)
Charlotte Brandon-King (Reader)
Sarah Brannan (Reader)
Ben Bransfield (English Teacher)
Staff Brascoe Books (Independent publishers)
Helena Braun (Reader)
Colin Bray (Librarian)
Jill Bray (Teacher, librarian)
Susanne Bray (Librarian)
Claire Brayne (English teacher)
Lynn Breeze (Author and Illustrator)
Laura Bremner (Reader)
Chaz Brenchley (Author)
Geraldine Brennan (Journalist)
Joseph Brennan (Reader)
Robin Brenner (Teen librarian, editor, author)
Tina Brescanu (Writer, parent)
Theresa Breslin (Author, librarian)
Amy Brett (Student)
Clive Brett (Librarian)
Sarah Brett (Publisher, OUP)
James Breward (Student)
Lindsay Brewis (Parent)
Janeen Brian (Author)
Jamian Briar (Illustrator)
Daniel Brice (Parent)
Julie Brice (Parent)
Shar Brice (Parent)
Karen Brichoux (Author)
Patricia Brick (Parent)
Sophie Bridge (Parent)
Tor Bridge (Teacher)
Jane Bridgeman (Parent)
Catherine Briggs (School librarian)
Janet Briggs (Reader)
Melissa Briggs (Parent)
Catherine Bright (School librarian)
Hannah Brimelow (Reader)
Ann Brine (School Librarian)
Genevieve Brisac (Author)
Andy Brisley (Librarian)
Paul Bristow (Bookseller)
Matthew Britten (Teacher)
Charles Broad (Student)
Heathyr Brockett (Reader, writer)
Marilyn Brocklehurst (Norfolk Children's Book Centre)
Matthew Brocklehurst (Bookseller)
Sarah Brockwell (Teacher (retired))
Allan Brodie (Parent)
Imogen Brodie (Director of Theatre, the Brit School)
Heather Brodt (Teacher)
Marian Brogan (Deputy head)
Stuart Bromwich (Careers Coordinator and Librarian)
Anne Brook (School Librarian)
Wendy Brooke (Librarian)
Judith Brookes (Teacher)
Kerry Brookes (Librarian)
Christopher Brookmyre (Author and parent)
Stepehen Brooks (Reader)
Ingrid Broomfield (School Librarian)
Claire Brough (Reader, sister of dyslexic child)
Alan Brown (Author)
Alison Brown (Librarian)
Chris Brown (Review Editor, The School Librarian)
Ellouise Brown (Librarian)
Heather Brown (Reader)
Helen Brown (Librarian)
Hercules Brown (Reader)
Karen Brown (Bookseller, Well Wisher Bookshop)
Karen Brown (Parent)
Ken Brown (Artist and Illustrator)
Laurie Brown (Reader)
Lucie Brown (Reader)
Margaret Brown (Bookseller, Waterstones)
Matthew Brown (Past Hon Sec, National Assocaition for Teaching English)
Rachel Manija Brown (Author)
Ruth Brown (Artist and Illustrator)
Sandra Brown (Reader)
Sue Brown (School Librarian)
Anthony Browne (Author)
Sonya Browning (Librarian)
Liz Brownlee (Author)
Susan Brownlie (School librarian)
Mike Brownlow (Illustrator)
Brett Brubaker (Reader)
David Bruce (Bookseller)
Andrew T. Bruck (Reader)
Michelle Brummer (Teacher)
Keith Brumpton (Author and Illustrator)
Suzanne Brumwell (Writer)
Dawn Brunner (Bookseller)
Helen Brunning (Teacher and parent)
Richard Brurton (Blogger, reviewer, teaching assistant, parent)
Leah Bryan (Author)
Ralph Bryant (Minister)
Reece Bryant (Chase Terrace Technology College)
Mary Bryceland (Librarian)
Paul Bryers (Author)
Heather Bryse-Harvey (Reader)
Alex Buchan (Reader)
Heather S. Buchanan (Author and Illustrator)
Jo Buchler (Parent)
Melissa Buckholtz (Parent educator)
Michael Buckley (Author)
Linda Buckley-Archer (Author)
Peter Buckman (Writer and Literary Agent)
Chris Buckton (Author)
Donna Buckton (The BRIT School)
Andrea Budd (Children's Librarian)
Claire Bufton (Parent)
Chris Bull (Parent)
Francesca Bull (Student)
Hope Bull (Student)
Jack Bull (Student)
Janet Bull (Dyslexia therapist)
Jo Bull (Parent)
Max Bull (Student)
Stephen Bull (School librarian)
Amanda Leann Bullard (Library science student)
Ms J Bulloch (School librarian)
Liz Bulman (Teacher, librarian)
Mark Bunyan (Author, playwright)
Barbara Burchell (School librarian)
Esther Burd (School Governor)
Gareth Burfoot (Librarian)
Kate Burgess (Parent)
Mark Burgess (Author, illustrator)
Melvin Burgess (Author)
Reginald Burgess (Reader)
Verity Burgess (Teacher)
James Burke (Reader)
Kathleen Burke (Librarian)
Ian Burley (Senior Community Librarian)
Stephan Burn (Reader)
Edwina Burnell (Parent)
Jo Burnell (Speech pathologist)
Alex Burnett (Illustrator)
Rachael Burnett (Children's bookseller)
Anne Burns (Schools Librarian)
Bruce Burns (Retired headteacher)
Mary Burns (Librarian)
Nicola Burns (Reader)
Sarah Burns (Parent)
Jo Burnside (Operations Administrator, Scottish Book Trust)
Megan Burrous (Reader)
Saran Burrows (Student)
Helen Burt (Reader)
Fiona Burton (Parent)
Lindesay Burton (School librarian)
Paddy Burton (Performer and artist)
Paul Burton (Lecturer, Information and library studies)
Julia Bush (Reader, student and children's bookshop worker)
Susan Bushnell (Childminder)
Erin Buterbaugh (Reader)
Anne-Marie Butler (Librarian, parent)
Charles Butler (Author, critic)
Irene Butler (Retired English teacher, parent)
Roberta Butler (Reader)
Mel Butt (Teacher and SENCO)
Annette Butterworth (Author)
Chris Butterworth (Author)
Jessica Butterworth (Teacher)
Frances Buttle (Librarian)
Cath Buxton (School librarian)
Jamie Buxton (Author)
Myra Byars (Bookseller, Tower Bookshop)
Nanci Byers (Librarian)
Tone C (Author)
Justin Caine (Reader)
Rae Cairns (Teacher)
Joy Caisley (Librarian)
David Calcutt (Author)
Corey Callaghan (Reader, graphic designer)
George Callaghan (Parent)
Niall Callaghan (Parent)
Sam Callanan (Reader)
David Callander (Reader)
Emma Caller (Parent)
Andrew Calverley (Reader)
Georgina Cambridge (Parent)
Elaine Cameron (Psychology Graduate, Reader)
Maria Cameron (Librarian)
Richard Camp (Editor)
Amanda Campbell (Parent)
Charla Campbell (Reader)
Charlie Campbell (Literary agent)
Eleanor Campbell (Reader)
Jennifer Campbell (Reader)
Maggy Campbell (School Librarian)
Malcolm R Campbell (Author)
Sheila Campbell (Librarian)
Trish Campbell (Writer, illustrator)
Jacqueline Campbell-Elliott (Writer)
Cathy Camper (Author and librarian)
Pat Canning (School librarian)
Lori Cannon (Reader)
Sue Cannon (School matron)
Brian L Cansler (Writer)
Andrew Cant (Bookseller, Simply Books)
Elizabeth Caplice (Librarian, former bookseller)
Cheryl Capstick (Reader)
Jackie Cardwell (Reader)
Anna Carey (The Gloss Magazine)
Susan Carleton (Writer, parent)
Billiejo Carlisle (Bookseller, Seven Stories)
Sheena Carmichael (Teacher)
Jim Carmin (Librarian)
Robin Carmody (Author)
Emma Carney (Aunt)
Elaine Carolan (Grandparent)
Susan Caroline (Bookseller)
Jenny Carr (Reader)
Emma Carrick (Librarian)
Bridget Carrington (Ex-teacher, ex-librarian, grandparent)
Annelise Carson (Librarian)
Alison Carter (School librarian)
Avis Carter (Parent)
Jacqui Carter (Reader)
Lucie Carter (Editor, ex-teacher)
Paul Carter (Grandparent)
Tina Casburn (Teacher)
Liz Cashdan (Author and former teacher)
Ann E Cashman (Parent)
Eleanor Cashman (Teacher)
Hélène Castaing (Reader)
Michelle Castrofilippo (Librarian)
Alison Catchpole (Author and Teacher)
Anne Marie Catoir (Bookseller)
Allegra Cattani (Parent)
Derek Caudwell (Parent)
Lucie Cauwe (Journalist)
Matthew Cavanagh (Reader)
Kathryn Cave (Author)
Philip Caveney (Author)
Michael Cawdron (Reader)
Roger Cawte (Uncle)
Laura Cecil (Reader)
Helen Cenic (Teacher)
Edie Chalk (Child reader)
Lily Chalk (Child reader)
Natalie Chalk (Parent)
Matthew Chalkley (Parent)
John Chalmers (Author, illustrator)
Aidan Chambers (Author)
Jessica Chambers (Author)
Nancy Chambers (Thimble Press)
Susan Chambers (Author)
Tod Chambers (Multimedia Writer )
Sally Chambers (Parent)
Billy Chambless (Parent, author)
Matt Chamings (Author)
Vanessa Champion (Director, Dragonfly Books )
C. A. Chance (Author)
Pauline Chandler (Author)
Irene Chant (School librarian)
Charles Chapin (Reader)
Heather Chapleo (Reader)
Pete Chaplin (Student)
Liz Chapman (Editor, Public library journal)
Mary Chapman (Author)
Perry Chappell (Child reader)
Tameron Chappell (Psychologist, parent)
Rosemary Charles (Bookseller)
Elizabeth Charlton (Reader)
Farah Chaudry (Bookseller, author)
Alex Chauhan (Reader)
Marneya Chauhan (Student)
Eliza Chavez (Writer)
Anna Cheetham (Reader)
Rosemary Cheriton (School librarian)
Simon Cheshire (Author)
D Chesswas (Young reader)
Moira Chety (Teacher)
Andrew Cheverton (Parent)
Daisey Cheyney (Reader)
Alice Chicken (Reader)
Bernie Chilcott (Librarian)
Lauren Child (Author, illustrator)
Rob Childs (Author)
Kirsten Chilton (Reader)
Philip Chippindale (Book manufacturer)
Kris Chipps (Librarian)
Lise Chlenbanowski (Librarian)
Ann Choules (Reader)
Linda D Chrich (School librarian)
Shikara Christen (Parent)
Michael Christesen (Bookseller)
Clare Christian (MD and Publishing Director, The Friday Project)
Rachel Christie (Reader)
Anton C E Christodoulou (Parent)
John Christopher (Author)
Lucy Christopher (Author)
Sarah Chubb (Teacher)
Kunzang Chuki (Reader)
Connie Chung (Student)
Vicki Chung (Parent)
Anthea Church (Teacher)
Philip Church (Teacher)
Philippa Church (Teacher)
Lewis Churward (Young reader)
Sarah Ciacci (Tourist guide and art historian)
Alexxandra Cisotto (Reader)
Jenni Clapham (Writer, reader)
Emma Clarence (Reader)
Mim Claridge (Writer, reader)
Alex Clark (Fine Art and Media Teacher)
Andrew Clark (Parent)
Christine Clark (School librarian)
James Clark (Author)
Katie Clark (Project Worker, Get Into Reading)
Laura Clark (Reader)
Liam Clark (Reader)
Louise Clark (School library assistant)
Marion Clark (School librarian)
Philip Clark (Reader)
Tamsin Clark (Parent)
Cara Clarke (School Librarian)
Danielle Clarke (Reader)
Karen Clarke (Reader)
Kath Clarke (Bookseller)
Lorraine Clarke (Author)
Mike Clarke (Head of library service)
Ros Clarke (Reader)
Sarah Clarke (Parent, teaching assistant)
Susan Clarke (School Librarian)
Tim Clarke (Educationalist)
Zeba Clarke (Author and teacher)
Caitlin Clause (Trainee teacher)
Nancy Clause (Reader)
Amber Claxton (Reader)
David Clayton (Author)
Robert Clayton (Librarian)
Rebecca Clee (Reader)
Brian Clegg (Author)
Wendy Clegg (Librarian)
Marion Clements (Educator in teacher training)
Alison Clibbens (Federation of Children's Book Groups)
Ann Clifford (School librarian)
Jo Clifford (Reader)
Steven Clifford (Former school governor, grandfather)
Nina Clough (Reader)
Tom Clover (Journalist, parent)
Susan Clow (Project manager working with disabled children)
Tom Coate (Reader)
Jenny Coates (Parent)
Sara Coates (Reader)
Lucy Coats (Author)
Alison Cobbing (Parent)
Philippa Cochrane (Scottish Book Trust)
Paul Cockburn (Journalist)
Moira Cockcroft (School librarian)
Caroline Cockrell (Reader)
John Cockroft (Reader and Parent)
Sandra Cocks (School Library Assistant)
Dinah Cocksedge (Early Years Teacher)
Nicola Cocksedge (Reader)
Alexandra Cocksworth (Big sister, reader)
Alison Coddington (Teacher, parent)
Sue Codrington (Reader)
Sue Codrington (Reader)
Harry Coen (Author and Illustrator)
Ilene Coffeen (School Librarian)
Edel Coffey (Journalist)
Kathryn Coffin (Former library assistant)
James Coghlan (Reader)
Elaine Coia (Illustrator)
Simon Coke (Professor Emeritus)
David Colbert (Author)
Barry Cole (Grandparent, teacher, storyteller)
Jenny-Lynne Cole (Author)
Jill Cole (Youth Theatre Director & Arts Manager)
Jane Coleman (School Librarian)
Laura Coles (English literature graduate)
Catherine Coley (Freelance writer and mother)
Miriam Coley (Parent)
Heather Collier (Teacher)
Jacqui Collier (Parent, book collector)
Tobias Collier (Young reader)
Mella Collin (Reader)
Germain Collinge Ménard (Writer)
Alice Collins (Publisher)
Annelise Collins (Teacher, librarian)
B. R. Collins (Author)
Dawn Collins (Avid reader, Parent)
Grayson C Collins (Teacher)
Julia Collins (Scottish Book Trust)
Marinna Collins (Reader)
Philip Collins (Parent)
Ross Collins (Author, illustrator)
Sally J. Collins (Illustrator)
Janet Colquhoun (School Librarian)
Lisa Colquhoun (Parent)
Neil Colquhoun (Reader)
Nic Coltman (Student)
Clare Colville (Librarian)
Cali Colwell (Student)
Roz Combley (Lexicographer, parent)
Christopher Compton (Postgraduate Student)
Daemon A. Condie (Reader)
John Condon (Head of Library and Information Services)
Mark Condon (Bookseller)
Michelle L Conklin (Reader, writer and educator)
Brian Conlan (Librarian)
Ruairi Conneely (Author)
Bonnie Connel (Reader)
Mandy Connelly (Teacher)
Thomas Connelly (Library Manager)
Victoria Connelly (Author)
Jonathan Conner (Retired teacher)
Suan Conner (Reader)
Wendy Constantinoff (Teacher)
Jack Conway (Student)
Julie Conway (Reader)
Kate Conway (Reader)
Michael Conway (Reader)
Vanessa Coode (London Review of Books)
Georgina Cook (Student)
Gina Cook (Student)
Hazel Cook (Librarian)
Michelle Cook (Parent)
Nigel Cook (Student)
Sharon Cook (Teacher)
Jenny Cooke (Reader)
Jeremy N Cooke (Parent)
Judith Cooke (School Librarian)
Mr C Cooke (Teacher)
Carolyn Cooksey (Librarian)
Wendy Cooling (Author)
Ian Coombes (Reader)
Mefiant Coombs (Former bookseller)
Ben Cooney (Translator)
Laura Cooney (Children's theatre director)
Abbie Cooper (School Librarian)
Andrew Cooper (Housemaster)
Ann Cooper (Parent and reader)
Gaynor Cooper (Librarian)
Jasper Cooper (Author and illustrator)
Jilly Cooper (Author)
Kate Cooper (Student)
Louise Cooper (Author)
Lynne Cooper (School librarian)
Micah Cooper (Library Student)
Stephanie Cooper (School Librarian)
Molly Copeland (Student librarian)
Lynne Coppendale (School librarian)
Brianna Corbett (Reader)
Simon Corbett-Higgins (Reader)
Sheila Corbishley (Author, teacher and grandmother)
Gemma Corcoran (Educator)
Zizou Corder (Author)
Denis Cordoni (Reader)
John Cordwell (County Councillor and edtor)
Andy Cordy (Reader)
Alicia Coring (Student)
Janice Corker (Children's librarian)
Angie Corless (Reader and parent)
Susie Cornfield (Author and Publisher)
D. M. Cornish (Author, illustrator)
Margaret Cornwall (Reader)
Linda M Corrigan (Librarian and Freelance Lecturer)
Martin Cortex (Reader)
Louise Cory (Reader)
Vanessa Coryndon (Teacher and Gransmother)
Amy Corzine (Author, former teacher)
Linda Cosgriff (Parent)
Holly Costa (Reader)
Louise Costelloe-Ward (PhD student)
Paula Coster (Parent)
Charles Coull (Parent)
Zack Coulson (Student)
Llyween Couper (Resource Teacher)
Joy Court (National Year of Reading co-ordinator)
Dallas Courtenay-Warren (Literacy co-ordinator)
Becca Courtley (ex-bookseller)
Christopher Cousins (Reader)
Helen Cousins (Academic)
Eleanor Cove (Literature student)
Rachel Cowan (Teenage writer)
Anne Cowell (School librarian)
Nicola Cowling (School Librarian)
Harriet Cox (Librarian)
Melissa Cox (Bookseller)
Michael Cox (Author)
Peter D Coyl (Writer and former Bookmobile Driver)
Madeleine E M Coyle (Librarian)
Jane Crabb (School librarian)
Shivonne Cracknell (Bookseller, Waterstones)
Helen Craig (Author)
Maggie Craig (Author, parent)
Jenny Craigen (Teacher)
Simon Cramond (Parent)
James Cramphorn (Author)
E. M. Crane (Author)
Ann Craven (Librarian)
Eliot Crawford (Reader)
Lauren Crawshaw (Reader)
Barry Creasey (Educational researcher)
June Crebbin (Author)
Alana Cree (Student)
Claire Creffield (Freelance editor)
Josie Crimp (Children's Librarian)
Margaret Crinyion (Bookbuying relative)
Scott Crissman (Reader)
Robert Crompton (Author)
Martin Crook (Counsellor)
Viv Croot (Author, editor)
Jana Crosby (President Elect, Reading Association)
Gillian Cross (Author)
Simon Cross (Reader)
Susan Cross (Author, parent, educator)
Susan Cross (Special Needs teacher)
Sharon Crossan (Librarian)
John Crosskill (Student)
Kevin Crossley-Holland (Author)
Justine Crow (Bookseller)
Rachel Crowther (Writer, parent)
Robert Crowther (Author, illustrator)
Jonathan Cruickshank (Young reader)
Sarah Cruickshank (Author and teacher)
John Crutcher (Publisher and parent)
Françoise Cucherat (Reader)
Holly Cudbill (Reader)
Tom Cudbill (Editor)
Laurence Cuffe (Teacher)
Johnny Culley (Headteacher)
Jess Cully (Reader)
Dr Chris Cumberpatch (Freelance Archaeologist)
Adam Cummins (Librarian)
Sheila Cummins (Parent)
Penny Cumpson (Grandparent)
Gerard Cunningham (Reader)
Helen Cunningham (Young People's Services Librarian)
Gill Curran (Reader)
Sarah Currant (Librarian)
Anna Currey (Illustrator)
Helen Curry (Librarian)
Fiona Curteis (School Librarian)
L Curtis (Staff)
Lucy Cuthew (Editor)
Jan Cutler (Copy-editor, proofreader)
Vickie Cyr (Reader)
Catherine Czerkawska (Author)

The list of supporters has grown so much that we have split it into six. This page has people whose surnames begin with the letters A-C. Other pages have surnames D-G, H-L, M-O, P-S, T-Z and the latest additions to the list.

NB Please bear with us if your name is not yet on this list. There is an inevitable delay between you sending your email and it being uploaded.

To sign up and show your support for this statement, send an email to . We will publish your name and any relevant description (eg author, librarian, bookseller) on this web site. We'll keep your email address confidential and won't pass it to anybody else, but we may write occasionally with relevant news.

Our full statement is on the front page.

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