No to Age Banding


We are writers, illustrators, librarians, teachers, booksellers, publishers, educationalists, psychologists, parents and grandparents. Some of the undersigned writers and illustrators have a measure of control over what appears on the covers of their books; others have less.

But we are all agreed that the proposal to put an age-guidance figure on books for children is ill-conceived, damaging to the interests of young readers, and highly unlikely, despite the claims made by those publishers promoting the scheme, to make the slightest difference to sales.

We take this step to disavow publicly any connection with such age-guidance figures, and to state our passionately-held conviction that everything about a book should seek to welcome readers in and not keep them out.

The list of supporters has grown so much that we have split it into six. This page has people whose surnames begin with the letters D-G. Other pages have surnames A-C, H-L, M-O, P-S, T-Z and the latest additions to the list.

Chris d'Lacey (Author)
Sophia Dabnor (Teacher)
Sheila Dainton (Retired teacher and former education policy adviser for the ATL)
Gordon Dale (Teacher and Parent)
Kate Dale (Home educating parent)
Moira Dale (Parent)
Penny Dale (Children’s book illustrator and Author)
Cori Dales (Parent)
Nicholas Daley (Reader)
Janet Dalitz (Reader)
Rod Dalitz (Reader)
Sam Dallimore (Child reader)
Jennifer Dalmeny (Special needs teacher)
Kath Dalmeny (Writer)
Catherine Daly (Author)
Jude Daly (Author, illustrator)
Niki Daly (Author, illustrator)
Liz Damron (Teacher, writer)
Julie Daniel (Parent and former teacher)
Tony Daniell (Parent)
Jennifer Carolyn Daniels (Teacher)
Lily Daniels (Student)
Janet Dann (Teacher)
Jessica Dann (Reader)
Kristofor Darby (Reader)
Kerry Darke (Reader)
Oliver Darlington (Reader)
Ann Darnton (Retired children's literature lecturer)
Paul Dart (Teacher)
Sarah Darwin (Parent)
Trevor Darwin (Former headteacher)
Annike Dase (Librarian)
Susan Davenport (Teacher librarian)
Graham Davey (Storyteller)
Hannah Davey (Literature graduate)
A Davidson (Parent)
Laura Davidson (Reader)
Richard Davidson (Librarian)
Stephanie Davidson (Student)
Bethany Davies (Child reader)
Claire Davies (Social worker, parent)
Elaine Davies (School and community librarian)
George Davies (Student)
Glyn Davies (Reader)
John Francis Davies (Teenage reader)
Nicola Davies (Author)
Pamela Davies (Librarian)
Rachael Davies (Speech and Language Therapist)
Rhiannon Davies (Reader)
Sarah Davies (Librarian)
Sophia Davies (Young reader)
Sophie Davies (Reader)
Sue Davies (Reader)
Ann-Marie Davis (Bookseller)
Caris Davis (Reader)
Kellie Davis (Reader)
Luke Davis (Reader)
Mary K Davis (Librarian)
Patricia Volonakis Davis (Rep. Scholastic Inc, Author, Editor)
Alan Davison (Reader)
Thomas Davreux (Reader)
Vicky Dawson (Director of Retail,Yeadons Bookshop)
Leonora Dawson-Bowling (Publisher)
Alex Day (Student)
Katy Day (School librarian)
Martin Day (Author)
Phillip Day (Lecturer)
Richard S. Day (Publisher, author)
Diego de los Rayes (Writer)
Chantal de Prez (Reader)
Paul de Senquisse (Author)
Heidi de Wet (Parent)
Amanda Deacon (School Librarian)
Lauren Deacon (Student)
Penny Deacon (School librarian)
Liam Deacy (Screenwriter and parent)
Annie Deaking (Parent)
Geoff Dean (English adviser)
Jennifer Dean (Reader)
Leanne Dean (Student)
Linda Dean (School Librarian)
Avery DeBow (Author)
Dr Stephen Dedman (Bookseller, writer)
Elizabeth Dehne (Librarian)
Stacy Dekeyser (Author)
Claire Delamore (Music Librarian)
Sean Delaney (Librarian and parent)
Lewis Delderfield (Adventure Playground Play Assistant)
Natalie Delidjani (Teacher)
Janet Delve (Special Needs teacher)
Darcy DeMarco (Writer)
Charlotte Denby (Teacher)
Tess Denman-Cleaver (Reader)
Michael Dennis (Reader)
Grace Dent (Author)
Val Denton (Librarian)
Shivmeet Deol (Reader)
Shena Deuchars (Copy-editor)
Carol DeVaughn (Poet)
David Devereux (Author)
Harriet Devine (Teacher)
Marian Devons (Teacher and library co-ordinator)
Jo Devonshire (School Librarian)
James Dewar (Retired teacher)
Melissa Dexter (Reader)
Adrien Di Nicola (Writer)
Paul Dibley (Lecturer)
John Dick (Parent)
Meghan E. Dick (Parent)
Jordan Dickens (Student)
Susan Dickey (School librarian)
Jonathan Dickinson (Reader)
Matthew James Dickinson (Child reader)
Peter Dickinson (Author)
Philip Dickinson (Student of English literature)
Tracey-Ann Dickinson (Children's Librarian)
Dr Nicky Didicher (Senior lecturer, English)
Denise Dietz (Author)
Anne Digby (Author)
Efi Dikastopoulou (Parent)
Amanda Dill (Teacher)
Ciara Dillon (Surgisales Teaching Aids Ltd)
Melanie Dillon (School Librarian)
Svilen Dimitrov (Teacher)
Viktoria Dimitrova (Reader)
Alexis Dimyan (Children's librarian)
Krystle Dine (Reader)
Adrienne Dines (Author)
Avital Dines (Children's bookseller)
Judith Dines (Reader)
Lisa Dinsmore (Reader)
Ruth Disbrow (Educator)
Catherine Diserens (Bookseller)
Anne Disney (Senior lecturer, teacher education)
Clare Diston (School Librarian)
Bridget Ditcham (Grandparent)
Junnut Ditta (Student)
Jo Dixon (Children's Librarian)
Kathryn Dobson (Teacher)
Margaret Dobson (Retired publisher (Dennis Dobson Ltd))
Ben Dodds (Reader)
Joshua Alan Doetsch (Author)
Sharon Dogar (Author)
Berlie Doherty (Author)
Jennifer Doherty (Publisher)
John Doherty (Teacher, parent)
Melanie Doherty (Parent)
Nicola Doherty (Copywriter)
John Dolan (Librarian)
Penny Dolan (Author)
Chris Dolby (Teacher and parent)
Charlotte Dolphin (Reader)
Karyn Don (School librarian)
Lari Don (Author)
Margaret Donaldson (Ex-teacher and grandparent)
Sarah Donaldson (Librarian)
Tommy Donbavand (Author)
Claire Donegan (Parent)
Tom Donegan (Children's Books Ireland)
Sarah Doneghan (Teacher)
Andrew Donkin (Children's author)
Christine Donnelly (Teacher, librarian)
Lisa Donnelly (Author, parent)
Margaret Donnelly (Teacher)
Bridget Dooley (Writer)
Julie Dooley (Teacher)
Carley Dootson (Bookseller and trainee teacher)
Ariel Dorfman (Author and human rights activist)
Fiona Doris (Parent and avid reader)
Paul Dorney (Senior Librarian and Parent)
John Dougherty (Author)
Sally Douglas (Educator, author, parent)
Alexandra Douglas-Jones (Reader)
Malcolm Dow (Teacher)
Fay Dowding (Librarian)
Ruth Dowley (Author)
Anicee Dowling (Editor)
Ivan Dowling (Parent)
Linda Downey (Calibre Audio library)
Helen Downie (Reader)
Lillian Downie (School librarian)
Kathryn Downing (Teacher, grandparent)
Shirley Downing (Parent)
Juliet Doyle (Editor, former bookseller, parent)
Kristopher Doyle (Reader)
Malachy Doyle (Author)
Noreen Doyle (Editor, writer)
Roddy Doyle (Author)
Belinda Drake (Parent)
Michail Dim Drakomathioulakis (Youth workers)
Carolyn Rhea Drapes (Parent)
Gary Dring (Reader)
Sally Dring (School librarian)
Cheryl Drinkwater (Bookbuyer, antiquarian bookseller)
Emma Drinkwater (Bookseller, parent)
Neal Drinnan (Children's Product Manager, Simon & Schuster Australia)
Charlie Driver (Student)
Tobias Druitt (Author)
Andy Drummond (Author)
Margaret Drury (Librarian)
Gill Duane (School librarian)
Geoff Dubber (Freelance trainer/consultant)
Marie-Aimée Dubois-Krzynowek (Reader)
Julie Dudley (Parent)
Mark Dudley (Bookseller, Whiteshill Books)
Nikki Dudley (Reader)
Megan Duff (Teacher)
Maura Duffy (Reader)
Sherice Dugan (Illustrator and author)
Shaun Duke (Reviewer)
Tanner Duke (Reader)
Chantelle Dukes (Student)
Joyce Dunbar (Author)
Christine Dunbobbin (Society of Authors )
Helen Dunmore (Author)
Isabel Dunmore (Student)
Kirsty Dunne (Bookseller, Waterstones)
Alan Durant (Author)
Sam Durie (Parent, musician, father, author)
Zemarl Dusabre (Reader)
Helen Dwyer (Chairperson, Irish Writers' Union)
H. J. Dyer (Educational advisor)
Heather Dyer (Author)
Stephen Dyer (Parent)
Mary Eades (Teacher,parent)
Kirsty Eagar (Author)
Sue Eagle (Headteacher)
Adam J. M. Eagleton (Author)
Sarah Eames (Student)
Chloe Eardley (Reader)
Cuth Earl (Teacher)
Emma Earley (Reader)
Helen East (Author)
Kate Eaton (Parent, librarian)
Leah Ebdon (Writer)
Jane Eccles (Illustrator)
Jill Eckersley (Author and literary consultant)
David Eckford (Parent)
David Eden (Writer and parent)
Juliette Eden (Avid reader since age 3)
Linda Edge (Former English teacher)
Martin Edge (Reader)
David Edmonds (Reader)
Miss M Edmonds (College librarian)
Megan Edmondson (Teacher)
Amanda Edwards (Teacher)
Deirdre Edwards (Teacher and Writer)
Graham Edwards (Author)
Helen Edwards (Writer, aunt)
Kate Edwards (Chief Executive, Seven Stories, the centre for children’s books)
Kathryn Edwards (Godmother)
Laura Edwards (Reader)
Margaret Edwards (School librarian)
Tony Edwards (Reader)
James Eedy (Reader)
Jane Eedy (Psychologist, parent)
Maddie Eedy (Reader)
Paul Eke (Bookseller)
Alex Ekins (Author)
Mike Elder (Librarian)
Maizie Elfin (Project co-ordinator, Face2Face)
Ashley Elisabeth (Reader)
Shimrit Elisar (Author)
Joy Elizabeth (Former early childhood educator, grandparent)
Susan J Elkin (Author, freelance journalist and former English teacher)
Kaye Elling (Reader)
Sarah Elliot (Teacher)
Helen Elliott (Literature student)
Kate Elliott (School librarian)
Patricia Elliott (Author)
Steve Elliott (Parent)
Charlotte Ellis (Former children's bookseller & avid reader)
Heidi Ellis (Writer)
Kate Ellis (Postgraduate literature student)
Louise Ellis-Barrett (Librarian)
Geoff Elms (Lecturer in childcare)
Diane Emery (Parent)
Mike Emery (Teacher)
Deborah Emmett (Librarian)
Mayerlene Engineer (Reviewer)
Dr Gwendolyn Enstam (Associationfor Scottish Literary Studies)
Jessica Esmond (Student)
Sian Espinos-Guerra (Student)
Roz Essakhi (Librarian and parent)
Cathy Esterman (Reader)
Sue Esterman (School Librarian)
Alexandra Evans (Reader)
Bernie Evans (Reader)
Charlie Evans (Reader)
Debbie Evans (School Librarian)
Elissa Evans (Illustrator)
Glen Evans (Reader)
Glynis Evans (Parent)
Katy Evans (Reader)
Kimberlee Evans (Parent)
Laura Evans (Reader)
Lilly Evans (Parent)
Lucy Evans (Student)
Stephanie Evans (Nursery nurse)
Stephanie Evans (Reader)
V Kathryn Evans (Author)
Hollie Everley (Student)
Amanda Eversett (Parent and special needs/excluded pupil educator)
Jan Every (Librarian)
Sue Eves (Author)
Hope Evey (Writer)
Garen Ewing (Author)
Leonie Ewing (Reader)
Jane Eyre (Reader)
Dr Stewart Eyres (Educator, parent)
Emmeline Eysun (Reader)
Chris Faassen (Writer)
Sharon Fagan-Ashdown (Parent)
Jacqui Fahey (Parent)
Sinead Fahey (Student of speech and language therapy)
Zoe Fairbairns (Writer)
Joe Fajerman (Reader)
Angela Falconbridge (Teacher and parent)
Sue Falkiner (Librarian)
Jane Falla (Librarian)
James Fallahi (Reader)
Joe Fallows (Student)
Steve Faragher (Publisher)
Hafsa Farah (Child reader)
Philip Farish (Reader)
Shannon Farley (English teacher)
Addy Farmer (Author, teacher)
Derek Farmer (Author)
Lynne Farmer (School librarian)
Penelope Farmer (Writer)
Andrew Farnan (Teaching assistant)
Chris Farnell (Author)
Helen Farrar (School Librarian)
Charles E Farrell Jr (Parent)
Lynne Farrer (Educator)
Ruth Fasham (Reader)
Jasmine Fassl (Scottish Book Trust)
Nancy Faulkner (Reader)
Simon Faulkner (Bookseller, Well Wisher Bookshop)
Alex Fayle (Author)
Hilary Fearn (Parent dyslexic child)
Sarah Fearn (Reader)
Janet Féat (Grandparent)
Coralie Featherstone (Student)
Kelly Featherstone (Student)
Julie Fegan (Reader)
Susan Felger (Bookseller and library clerk)
Susan Felix (Reader)
Lucy Felton (Reader)
Harriet Fender (Trainee teacher, parent)
Jhanie Fender (Child reader)
Michael Fenech (Artistic Director, kneeplays youth theatre)
Violet Fenn (Parent)
Rita Fenton (Bookseller, Tower Bookshop)
Will Fenton (Reader)
Hannah Ferguson (Reader)
Lorna Ferguson (Author, teacher)
Maria Fernandes (Student)
Sue Ferraby (Author)
Kayne Ferrier (Librarian and parent)
Glen Ferris (Author)
Katie Fforde (Author)
Jo Field (Grandparent)
Marcus Field (Reader)
Mike Field (Reader)
Lis Fields (Parent)
Liz Filleul (Author, editor)
Ryan Finbarr (Writer)
Anne Fine (Author and Children's Laureate 2001-2003)
David Fine (Author)
Dr Cordelia Fine (Psychologist)
Sandra Fine (Teacher, writer)
Andrew Finegan (Librarian)
Gemma Finlay (Reader)
Polyna Firer (Writer)
Barnaby Firth (Reader)
Christine Firth (Copy-editor, grandmother)
Fiona Firth (Parent, reader development worker)
John Firth (Proofreader and copy editor)
Emma Fischel (Author)
Per Fischer (Journalist, teacher, school librarian)
Martha Fischhoff (Teacher)
Sara Fisher (A.M. Heath & Co, Authors' Agents)
Andrew Fisk (Writer and town councillor)
Duncan Fitch (Reader)
Helen Kollin Fitchel (Parent, bookclub leader)
Frank Fitt (Printer)
Della Fitzgerald (Grandparent)
Robert Fitzhenry (Academic)
Kathleen Fitzhugh (Children's librarian)
Adrianne Fitzpatrick (Author)
Gail Fitzpatrick (Reader)
M Lynam Fitzpatrick (Author)
Patrick FitzSymons (Writer)
Rachael Flaherty (Teacher, parent)
Hazel Fleming (Parent)
Wendy Fleming (School Librarian)
Sharon Flenley (Parent and Bookstart Co-ordinator)
Charlie Fletcher (Author)
Darren Fletcher (Illustrator)
Gabby Fletcher (Publicity Administrator, OUP)
Helen Fletcher (School librarian)
Paul Fletcher (School Librarian)
Kirsty Fletcher-Burns (Schoool Librarian)
Lola Flexen (Child reader)
Amy Flitcroft (Reader)
David Flood (Committed reader)
Fiona Flynn (Parent, freelance editor, ex-teacher)
Simon Flynn (Publishing Director, Icon Books)
Hilary Foakes (Editorial Director, The Good Book Guide)
Emanuele Follett (Reader)
Alison Fonseka (Teacher, librarian)
Catt Fooks (Reader)
Christina Foord (Teacher)
Dominic Forbes (Publishing)
Christine Ford (Librarian)
Dan Ford (Reader)
David Ford (Reader)
J Keller Ford (Author)
Janet Ford (Parent)
Jenny Ford (Lecturer)
Liz Ford (Bookseller, parent)
Martha Ford (Reader)
Sam Ford (Student)
Steven Ford (Reader)
Catherine Forde (Author)
Declan Forde (Reader)
Michael Foreman (Author, illustrator)
Carolyn Forsyth (Manager, Unicorn Theatre)
Lily Fortich (Teenage reader)
Danielle Fortin (Librarian)
Jan Fortune-Wood (Author & publisher)
Mike Fortune-Wood (Owner, Cinnamon Press)
Jenny Forward (Reader)
Jenny Forward (Reader)
David Fosbrook (Teacher)
Jan Foss (Children's Librarian)
Doug Foster (Educator)
Emma Foster (Home-educator, parent)
Anastasia Fotopoulou (Librarian)
Dan Foulkes (Author)
Kathy Fountain (School Librarian)
Alicia Fourie (Reader)
Kari Fournier (Reader)
Morokoth Fournier des Corats (London Review of Books)
Mark Foweraker (Reader)
Rebecca Foweraker (Librarian)
Joel Fowler (Bookseller, Waterstones)
Deirdre Fowles (Grandparent)
Debbie Fox (Parent)
Karen Fox (Children's Social Worker)
Lee Fox (Author)
Martine Frampton (Parent)
Joanna Franaszczuk (Publisher)
Christopher John Paul Frances (Postgraduate library student)
Claire Francis (Parent)
Marie Francis (Writer)
Amy Francis-Smith (Student)
Amy Francis-Smith (Student)
Dr Colleen Franklin (Professor of English Literature, lecturer Children's Literature)
Jamie Fraser (Student)
Thomas Fraser (Young reader)
Alison Frearson (Reader)
Claire Freedman (Author)
Joy Freeman (Book designer)
K Freeman (Reader)
Michelle Freeman (Parent)
Echo Freer (Author)
Janet French (Retired teacher, grandmother)
Jennifer French (Librarian)
Vivian French (Author)
Y. E. French (Director of learning)
Sophie Fretter (Student)
Claire Friedli (Librarian)
Maeve Friel (Author)
Rachel Frier (Teacher, parent)
Ray Friesen (Publisher, cartoonist)
Greta Friggens (Reader)
Joanne Froggatt (Parent)
Laurie Frost (Author)
Rachel Frost-Smith (Reader and Parent)
Rob Froud (Librarian)
Stuart Froud (Reader)
Juniper Finley Fry (Bookseller)
Elyse Fryer (Reader)
Lisa Fryman (Author, parent)
Emma Fuchs (Parent)
Sarie Fuller (Reader)
C Fullerton (Reader)
Linda Fullick (Parent and former librarian)
Elisabeth Funnell (Grandparent)
Lorene J Furmage (Librarian)
John Furness (Reader)
Lisa Furness (Bookseller)
Deborah Furniss (Parent)
Amber Futch (Teacher)
Holly G (Trainee primary teacher)
Alex Gabriel-Bayston (Reader)
David Gadsby (Publisher, author)
Gillian Gadsby (Reader)
Helen Gage (Librarian)
Lucas Gagliardi (Reader)
Neil Gaiman (Author)
Mark Gallacher (Translator)
Morgan Gallagher (Author)
Rachel Gallagher (Teacher)
Trisha Gallagher (Writer)
William Gallagher (Reader)
Darla Gallew (Home educator)
Rebecca Galley (Lecturer in education)
Paul Galloway (Reader)
Rebecca Galo (Reader, anthropologist)
Helena Gamble (Student)
Nikki Gamble (Director Writeaway)
Joanne Ganley (Reader)
Sheryl Gannon (School librarian)
Christina Garbutt (Commissioning Editor)
Anna Garcia (Children's bookseller)
Gretchen Garcia (Librarian)
Laura García (Writer)
Jessica Gardiner (Author)
Diane Gardner (Grandparent)
Jim Gardner (Illustrator)
Liz Gardner (Librarian)
Marianne Gardner (Teacher and parent)
Patricia Gardner (Teacher)
Robert Gardner (Writer, parent)
Sally Gardner (Author)
Iratxe Gardoqui (Librarian)
Kieran Garland (Reader)
Jen Garlinge (Parent)
Alan Garner (Author)
Kate Garnett (School Librarian)
Gail Garnsworthy (Bookseller, Shepshed Books Ltd)
Jonathan Garren (Reader)
Graham Garson (Student teacher)
John Garth (Author)
Colin Garvey (Reader)
Denise Garvin (Librarian and parent)
Bamber Gascoigne (Author)
Milly Gatley (Reader)
Claire Gaunt (School librarian)
Jamila Gavin (Author)
Lydia Gaytan (Teacher)
Jill Geary (Librarian)
Shirley Geddes (School Librarian/LRC manager)
Maggie Gee (Author)
Ali Gehlcken (Literacy teacher)
Chelsey Gensel (Writer, nanny)
Robert Gent (Assistant Director, Cultural and Community Services)
Holly George (Trainee primary teacher)
Shelley George (Bookseller)
Alexandra Georgescu (Reader, parent-to-be)
Paul Geraghty (Author and Illustrator)
Adele Geras (Author)
Chris Gerben (Teacher)
Melissa Gergen (School librarian)
Katharina Gerlach (Author)
Liz Gerschel (Education consultant, inspector)
Mark David Gerson (Author)
Vinod Ghadiali (Librarian)
Carrie-Anne Gibb (Parent)
Fiona Gibb (Reader)
Jennifer Gibb (Managing editor)
Alan Gibbons (Author)
Carolyn Gibbons (School Librarian)
Dr Neil Gibbs (Reader)
Samantha Giblin (Actor, youth theatre director)
Michele Gibney (Library science student)
Dr Mel Gibson (Consultant and academic)
Lyn Gibson (Librarian)
Dr Seth Giddings (Academic, researching children's popular culture )
Ieke Giese (School librarian)
Davina Gifford (Librarian)
Margaret Gilbert (Parent)
Tricia Gilbey (Teacher)
Lisa Gilby (Reader)
Ian Giles (Reader)
Kelly Giles (Librarian)
Fiona Gilfillan (Parent)
Davinder Gill (Student)
Fiona Gill (Reader)
Linda Gill-Aranha (School librarian)
Danny Gillan (Author)
Linda Gillard (Author, ex-journalist, ex-teacher, parent)
Gillian Gillen (Teacher)
Shona Gillespie (Reader)
Rebecca Gillieron (Editor)
Alan Gilliland (Author, illustrator)
David Gilman (Author)
Greer Gilman (Author and librarian)
Rachel Gimbert (Bookseller, Heffers Children's Bookshop)
Kristina Giovanni (Librarian)
Garry Girling (Reader)
Marian Girling (School librarian)
Helen Gishubl (Librarian, grandparent)
Ruth Gitsham (School librarian)
Sarah Glaccum (Librarian and parent)
Roderick Gladwish (Reader)
Terry Glase (Reader)
Lisa Glass (Author)
Nicholas Gleed (Director of Music, Bedales School)
Alexandra Gleihs (Bookseller)
Emma Jane Glenning (Author and Poet)
Claire Glenton (Reader)
Debi Gliori (Author, illustrator)
Lane Glisson (Reader)
Callan Glover (Student)
Katie Glynn (Teaching assistant, parent)
Staffan Gnosspelius (Author and Illustrator)
Sarita Goacher (Parent and Montessorian)
Karen Goddard (Leader of two reading clubs, parent)
Joanna Godfree (School Librarian)
Stephanie Godfrey (Teacher)
Marian Goldeen (Reader, parent)
Ashley Goldstein (Graphic Designer)
Fayge Goldstein (Reader)
Leonor Gomes (Parent)
Nikhil Gomes (Author)
Alison Gomm (Reader, former teacher)
Julen Goni-Matthews (Child reader)
Niall Goni-Matthews (Child reader)
Emma Goninon (Author, librarian)
Andrea Goodall (Parent)
Jessica Goodchild (Student)
Lesley Gooden (School Librarian)
Jane Goodison (Librarian)
Matthew Goodwin (Writer)
Prue Goodwin (Lecturer in Literacy Education and Children's Books)
JA Gordon (Author)
Joe Gordon (Reviewer, bookseller)
John Gordon (Author)
Jon Gordon (Parent)
Janet Gorton (Librarian)
Sam Gottshalk (Careers and Marketing Assistant, The BRIT School)
Amanda Gough (School librarian)
Cathy Gould (School librarian)
Jayne Gould (Author)
Jojo Gould (Author)
Sue Goult (Librarian)
Theresa Gourlay (Reader)
Miguel Gouveia (Publisher, Portugal)
Emmanuel Gouvernaire (Reader)
Neil Gow (Parent)
Nathaniel Gowdridge (Student)
Amber Grace (Reader)
Bill Grace (Illustrator)
Ellie Graham (Book publicist)
Jasmine Graham (Former teacher)
Louise Graham (Parent)
Tony Graham (Artistic Director, Unicorn children's theatre)
Lisa Grange (Trainee teacher)
David Renwick Grant (Author)
K. M. Grant (Author)
Kieran Grant (Author)
Kirsty Grant (Student)
Nick Grant (Reader)
Aleesha Gray (Student)
Alex Gray (Author)
Antonia Gray (Children's librarian)
Barbara Gray (School Librarian)
Chris Gray (Student)
Cillian Gray (Reader)
Dr Margaret Gray (Author and aunt)
Elizabeth Gray (Parent and former teacher)
Holly Gray (Young reader)
Jane Gray (Translator)
Keith Gray (Author)
Louis Gray (Teenage reader)
Nathaniel Gray (Librarian)
Patrick Gray (Young reader)
Peter Gray (Secondary English Consultant)
Sarah-Jane Gray (Teacher)
Stephen Gray (Parent)
Valerie Gray (Librarian)
Sarah Grayling (Student)
Hilary Grayson (Librarian)
Jo Grazebrook (Aunt of dyslexic child, teacher)
Martha Greally (Student)
Marie W. Greaney (School Librarian)
Arabella Greatorex (Bookseller and parent)
Griselda Greaves (Retired teacher, school librarian)
Paul Greaves (Publisher, former book wholesaler, bookseller and librarian)
Janine Gredig (Reader, ex-school librarian)
Aaron Green (Reader)
Claire Green (Parent)
D. C. Green (Author)
Julia Green (Author)
Kelvin Green (Reader)
Lara Green (Reader)
Mary Green (Author)
Rachel Green (Author)
Cynthia Greenan (Reader)
Kate Greenhalf (Parent)
Emily Greenstreet (Librarian)
Paul Greenway (Parent)
Ellie Greenwood (Young reader)
Neil Greenwood (Parent)
Robert Greenwood (Librarian)
Georgina Gregory (Librarian)
Rachel Gregory (Parent and writer)
Gus Grenfell (Author)
Martha Grenzeback (Librarian)
Julie Grey (Retired teacher)
Chris Gribble (Chief Exec, New Writing Partnership)
Polly Grice (Bookseller, The children's bookshop)
Vicky Griesdoorn (Reader)
Emma Grieve (Teacher)
Isabel Griffiths (Proofreader, lexicographer)
John Griffiths (Reader)
Kathryn Griffiths (Librarian)
Lena Griffiths (Reader)
Neil Griffiths (Author, creator of storysacks)
Ruth Griffiths (Parent)
Sally Grindley (Author)
Lesley Grinstead (Teacher)
Alan Grint (Cogito Books, Hexham)
Daniela Grosvenor (Editor)
Caroline Grove (Librarian)
Chris Grove (Parent)
Don Groves (Parent)
Rosemarie Grundon (Librarian)
Sam Grunhunt (Child reader)
Dr Chris Gruppetta (Publisher)
Aurore Guégan (Reader)
Lori Guenthner (Librarian)
Peter Guilliatt (Reader)
Sue Guiney (Author and teacher)
Kamal Gujral (Parent)
Catriona Gunn (Writer)
Allan Guthrie (Author)
Damon Guy (Librarian)
Agnès Guyon (Children's librarian)
Shelley Gwyther (Student)
Georgi Gyurchev (Reader)

The list of supporters has grown so much that we have split it into six. This page has people whose surnames begin with the letters D-G. Other pages have surnames A-C, H-L, M-O, P-S, T-Z and the latest additions to the list.

NB Please bear with us if your name is not yet on this list. There is an inevitable delay between you sending your email and it being uploaded.

To sign up and show your support for this statement, send an email to . We will publish your name and any relevant description (eg author, librarian, bookseller) on this web site. We'll keep your email address confidential and won't pass it to anybody else, but we may write occasionally with relevant news.

Our full statement is on the front page.

We've had reports that the above link is garbled in some browsers. If that is the case, please accept our apologies: the link is coded to fool the spammers but it's obviously fooling some browsers too. If necessary type the email address signup at notoagebanding dot org into your email program.

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