No to Age Banding


We are writers, illustrators, librarians, teachers, booksellers, publishers, educationalists, psychologists, parents and grandparents. Some of the undersigned writers and illustrators have a measure of control over what appears on the covers of their books; others have less.

But we are all agreed that the proposal to put an age-guidance figure on books for children is ill-conceived, damaging to the interests of young readers, and highly unlikely, despite the claims made by those publishers promoting the scheme, to make the slightest difference to sales.

We take this step to disavow publicly any connection with such age-guidance figures, and to state our passionately-held conviction that everything about a book should seek to welcome readers in and not keep them out.

The list of supporters has grown so much that we have split it into six. This page has people whose surnames begin with the letters H-L. Other pages have surnames A-C, D-G, M-O, P-S, T-Z and the latest additions to the list.

Beth H (Teenage reader)
Nicky H (Parent)
Carrie Hackett (Grandparent)
Claire Hackett (Reader)
Terri Hacking (Programme manager, children's centre)
Jenny Haddon (Reader)
Sam Haddow (Playwright)
R. N. Hadley (Writer, book reviewer)
Nicole Haferland (Reader)
Karen Hagler (Librarian)
Carol Hague (Reader)
Kathleen Hague (Author)
Michael Hague (Author, illustrator)
Daniel Hahn (Editor of The Ultimate Book Guide )
Gideon Haigh (Journalist)
Anne Hale (Teacher)
Bob Hale (ESOL/EFL teacher)
Vernon Hale (Education adviser)
Alex Hales (Reader)
Emma Halford (School Librarian)
Amanda Hall (Illustrator and author)
Ana Hall (Teacher)
Ann Hall (Librarian)
Charlotte Hall (Childcare consultant)
Christine Hall (Reader)
Paddy Hall (Teacher)
Pauline Hall (Reader)
Ryan Hall (Student)
Sarah Hall (Copy-editor)
Stephen Hall (Parent)
Ann Halliday (Library Services Manager)
Rosianna Halse (Bookseller)
Mary Halton (Bookseller)
Tina Hamby (Elementary Literacy Teacher)
Rachel Hamdi (Children's book designer)
Rachel Hamelers (Reader)
Mary Hamer (Author)
Nikki Hamilton (Parent)
Richard Hamilton (Author)
Edward Hamm (Student)
Heleyne Hammersley (Teacher)
Elizabeth Hammill (Co-founder, Seven Stories)
Dr Faye Hammill (Academic)
Caroline Hancock (Parent)
Edward Hancock (Child reader)
Pam Hancock (School librarian)
Sarah Hancock (Barefoot Books)
Dave Hanley (Writer, poet)
Tara Hanley (Head of English)
Hilary Hannaford (Bookseller)
Bruno Hanquier (Market researcher, book buyer and advisor)
Georina Hanratty (Manager, 'Tales on Moon Lane' bookshop)
Verle Hanseen (Teacher)
Charlotte Haptie (Author)
Emily Harakis (Reader)
Kate Harbison (Librarian)
Kate Harbison (Librarian)
Jemma Harbot (Student)
Ellen Harbour (Teacher)
Vanessa Harbour (Research Student and Writer)
Dale Harcombe (Author)
Alison Harding (Librarian)
Anne Harding (Independent trainer and lecturer)
Jodie Harding (Student)
Mark Harding (Reader)
James Hardt (Librarian)
Emma Hardy (Author and Creative writing tutor)
Emma Hardy (Creative Writing Tutor)
Sam Hardy (Student)
Sue Hardy-Dawson (Children's Poet)
Robyn Hardyman (Author, editor)
Gillian Hargreaves (Aunt)
Maija-Liisa Harju (Instructor of children's literature and culture)
Nicki Harlock (School librarian)
Nicola Harlow (Writer, reader)
Paul Harman (Parent)
Jennifer Harp (Parent/Homeschool)
Daniel Harper (Reader)
James Harper (Child reader)
Julie Harper (Specialist children's bookseller, Auckland, NZ)
Lizzy Harper (Reader)
Melanie Harper (Reader)
Craig Matthew Harris (Reader)
Georgina Harris (Translator, former bookseller)
Gill Harris (Teacher)
Lalage Harris (Reader)
Lesley D Harris (Librarian)
Richard Harris (Agent and parent)
Sue Harris (School Librarian)
Angela Harrison (Writer)
Claire Harrison (School librarian)
David Harrison (Author)
Sarah Harrison (Librarian)
Michael Harrup (Student)
Akiko Hart (Reader)
Antonia Hart (Journalist, author)
Carol Hart (Librarian)
Terry Hart (Bookseller)
Jacqueline Harthill (Parent/publicist/reader)
Katharine Hartman (Writer)
Darren Hartwell (Assistant Headteacher)
Veronica Hartwich (Reader)
Veronica Hartwich (Reader)
Glenn Harvey (Reader)
Lynn Harvey (Creative writing student)
Scott Harwood (Writer)
Adita Hasan (World of Children's Books)
Lopita Hasan (Educationalist)
Mahmood Hasan (M. D. World of Children's Books)
Ruth Hasan (Parent)
Shamse Hasan (Educationalist)
Kara Hash (Author)
Alissa Haslam (Bookseller)
Andrea Denise Hassan (School librarian)
John Hassett (Librarian)
Karen Hasted (Reader)
Gemma Hastings (Trainee teacher)
Paul Hatch (Librarian)
Lucy Hatherell (Parent)
Jo Hatt (Parent)
Kim Hatton (Reader)
Lynne Hatwell (Reader, blogger)
Aileen Haugh (Reader)
Caroline Havenhand (MA Student in Children's Literature)
Richard Havers (Writer)
Rosanne Hawke (Author)
Rebecca Hawker (Children's Literature MA student)
Hilary Hawkes (Author)
Alis Hawkins (Author)
Elizabeth Hawkins (Teacher)
Tracey Hawkins (Author)
Lucinda Hawksley (Author)
Nicola Haxell (Parent)
Joanne Hayden (Author and journalist)
Bridget Hayes (School Librarian)
Natalie Hayes (Reader)
Tom Hayes (Student)
Felicity Hayes-McCoy (Author)
Kevin Hayhoe (Writer)
Cathryn Hayhurst (Reader)
Jack Hayman (Young reader)
Kate Haymes (Student)
Mitch Haynes (Reader)
Natalie Haynes (Author)
Simon Haynes (Author)
Alison Hayward (Parent)
Rosemary Hayward (Reader, ex-student librarian)
H Haywood (Reader)
Louisa Haywood (Educator)
M Haywood (Educator)
R Haywood (Reader)
Marilyn Hazell (Librarian)
Dr Naomi Head (Academic)
Ken Head (Teacher)
Lucy Head (Publisher)
Peter Head (Teacher)
Emily Healey (Teenage reader)
Cathy Heath (Librarian)
Joshua Heath (Author)
Nikki Heath (School Librarian of the Year 2008)
Rachel Heath (Parent)
David Heathcote (Author)
Jacky Heathcote (Reader)
Rachel Heaver-Webb (Teacher)
Dianne Heddy (Parent)
Andy Hedgcock (Librarian)
James Hedge (Young Person's Engagement Officer, Darlington Libraries)
Nick Hedge (Author)
Frances Hedgeland (Teacher)
Margaret Hedlam (Teacher, librarian)
Annmarie Heelen (Librarian)
Daniel Heffley (Writer)
Leena Heino (Reader)
Denis Hellewell (Bookseller, Well Wisher Bookshop)
Karen Hellewell (Bookseller, Well Wisher Bookshop)
Marion Hellewell (Teacher)
Margaret Hemming (School librarian)
Anne Henderson (Parent)
Flora Henderson (Post-grad student)
J. A. Henderson (Author)
Jan-Andrew Henderson (Author)
Kathy Henderson (Author, illustrator)
Patricia Henderson (Parent, former teacher)
Sonja Henderson (School librarian)
Diana Hendry (Author)
Peter Henn (Journalist)
Nick Hennessey (Storyteller)
Michelle Henning (Reader)
Stuart Hepburn (Scriptwriter)
Dr Peter Herisson-Kelly (Academic, parent)
Felicia Herman (Librarian and parent)
B. J. Hernandez (Reader)
Michelle Herriman (Librarian, parent)
Laura Herritt (Reader)
Doris Herrmann (Teacher)
Maria Hertel (Librarian)
Mary Hescroff (Educator)
Christine Hess (Communities Dept, Notts CC)
Jo Hetherington (Literacy adviser)
Katherine Heubeck (Student)
Anna Heussaff (Author)
Sally Hewitt (Author)
Tresa Hibben (Literature instructor)
James Hickingbottom (Student)
Kara Hicks (Parent, home educator)
Sophie Hicks (Agent)
Adrian Hieatt (Journalist)
Prof Anne Hiebert Alton (Professor of English with expertise in Children's Literature)
Carla Higginson (Teacher)
Tony Higginson (Manager, Pritchards Bookshop)
Rachel Higgs (Young reader)
Charlotte Higham (Librarian)
Pat Highton (Student)
Ailsa Hill (Teacher, librarian)
Alison Hill (Copy-editor)
Christine Hill (Librarian)
Finella Anne Hill (Parent)
Gerard M-F Hill (Author and Editor)
Holly Hill (Librarian)
Jayne Hill (Trainee teacher, parent)
Jemma Hill (Writer)
Lizzy Hill (Reader)
Lyndsey Hill (Parent)
Rachael Hill (Reader)
Susan Hill (Author)
Susannah Hill (Librarian)
Suzie Hill (Reader)
Randi Hillerøe (Teenage reader)
Frances Hillier (Education Adviser)
Wendy Hindes (Youth club worker)
Andrew Hindle (Reader)
Cameron Hindrum (Director, Tasmanian Poetry Festival)
Nigel Hinton (Author)
Barbara Hird (parent)
Laura Hird (Young reader)
Daniel Hiscocks (Student)
Margaret Histed (Editor, writer)
Wendy Hitchcock (Librarian and former bookseller)
Clare Hitchens (Reader)
Jennifer Hjertquist (Reader)
Kate Hladky (Development Officer, Unicorn children's theatre)
Jessica Hoar (Teenage reader)
Julian Hoben (Reader)
Professor Peter Hobson (Academic)
Susie Hodge (Author and illustrator)
Lorena Hodgson (Reader)
Michael Hodgson (Former teacher)
Andrew Hoellering (Lecturer, writer)
Mary Hoffman (Author)
Lilian Lee Hoffmann (Parent)
Emily Hofstetter (Reader, author)
Ann Hogg (Reader)
Laura Holborrow (Reader)
Jane Holden (Parent)
Molly Holding (Grandmother)
Molly Holding (Grandparent)
Katie Holland (Student)
Rosie Holliday (Reader)
Lauren Hollidge (Student)
Amanda Holling (Librarian)
Alison Holloway (Librarian)
Karin Hoppe Holloway (Author and editor)
Ley Holloway (Librarian)
Belinda Hollyer (Author and former teacher)
Anne Hollyfield-Hesford (School Library Assistant)
Kate Holmden (Children's bookseller)
Ashley Holmes (Anthropologist and author)
Eleanor Holmes (Parent)
Frances Holmes (Librarian)
Judith Holmes (Grandparent)
Mary Holterhoff (Reader)
Mike Holton (Senior Lecturer)
Ruby Homawala (Parent)
Roy Honeybone (Independent Citizenship Education Consultant)
Amanda Honeybun (Parent)
Amy Hood (Illustrator)
Mark Hood (Reader)
Moyra Hood (Librarian)
Nicola Hook (Parent)
Ann Hoole (School Librarian)
Amanda Hooper (Librarian)
Gordon R Hooper (Parent)
Katy Hooper (Librarian)
Laura Hooper (Reader)
Jake Hope (Freelance children's book consultant and librarian)
Kim Hope (Reader)
Peter Hope (Grandparent)
Sam Hope (Reader)
Stephanie Hope (Educational psychologist)
Ruth Hopewell (Student)
Emily Hopkins (Librarian)
Kathryn Hopkins (Writer)
Rosemary Hopkins (Librarian)
Adelle Hopper (Reader and journalist )
Lyn Hopson (School Librarian)
Petr Horacek (Illustrator)
Fiona Horan (Reader)
Margaret Horbacka (Reader)
Anne Horn (Editor,)
Sandra Horn (Author)
Eva Hornung (Librarian)
Anthony Horowitz (Author)
Elizabeth Horsfall (Reader)
Sarah Horsfall (Reader)
Charlotte Horsley-Jones (Student)
Babs Horton (Author)
Justin Horton (Author, bookseller,librarian)
William Horwood (Author)
Jon Hoseason (Parent)
Dagmar Hossfeld (Author)
Mr Hotchkiss (Principal teacher, English)
Caroline Holden Hotopf (Illustrator and parent)
Mary-Elizabeth Houghton (Teacher)
Elizabeth Housden (Teacher)
Nancy Houser (Author)
Andrew Howard (Reader)
Beatrix Howard (Bookseller)
Cheri Howard (Reader)
D Howard (Young reader)
Elizabeth Howard (School Librarian)
Eric Howard (Librarian)
Paul Howard (Illustrator)
Mackenzie Howe (Reader)
Nick Howe (Teenage reader)
Ruby Howe-Shepherd (Reader)
Chris Howes (Publisher, author)
Jane Howitt (Copywriter, editor, ex-teacher)
Emily Howlett (Student)
Karen Howlett (Parent)
Lucy Howlett (Reader)
Christine Howson (Parent)
Christine Hoyle (Grandparent)
Nevena Hristova (Bookseller)
Michelle Hsu-McWlliam (Teacher)
Ben Hubbard (Student)
John Hubbard (Travelling Book Fairs)
Shirley Huber (Parent)
Dyne Hudson (Reader)
Jean Hudson (School Librarian)
Kyle Hudson (Student)
Nada Hudson (Reader)
Dr Sarah Hudspith (Exams officer)
Karyn Huenemann (Lecturer in children's literature)
Jennifer Hufford-Varrone (Senior Editor, Bookseller)
Nick Huggins (Parent, reader)
Bethan Hughes (Librarian)
Christopher Hughes (Reader)
Dr Rosemary Hughes (School librarian)
Gaynor Hughes (Reader)
Gill Hughes (Author)
Kelly Sarah Hughes (Postgraduate literature student)
Lisa Hughes (Reader, parent)
Shirley Hughes (Author and illustrator)
Heather Hulse (Reader)
Victoria Hume (Reader)
Tricia Humphrey (Librarian)
Garry Humphreys (Author and parent)
Jean Humphreys (Retired bookseller)
Karen Humphries (Librarian)
Meg Humphries (Trainee librarian)
Jessica Hunnybun (Student)
Alex Hunt (Reader)
Ben Hunt (Postgraduate literature student)
Clare Hunt (Children's bookseller)
Kat Hunt (Reader)
Lisa Hunt (Children's bookseller, Waterstones)
Heather Hunteman (Sister)
Amanda Hunter (Children's bookseller)
Gemma Hunter (Teacher)
Jane Hunter (Teacher)
Jodie Hunter (Bookseller)
Tricia Hunter (School librarian)
Donna Huntley (Reader)
Tina Hurley (Parent)
Katie Hursh (Parent)
Bernice Hurst (Reader)
Tracey Hurst (Book Cover Designer)
Lola Hurst-Levy (Teacher)
Danielle Hurt (Librarian)
Lesley Hurworth (Chair of the Doncaster Children's Book Award)
Nicola Hussey (Teaching assistant)
Amanda Hutchinson (Reader)
Jenni Hutchinson (Reader)
Kate Hutchinson (Aunt and godparent)
Barry Hutchison (Author)
David Hutchison (Reader)
Diana Hutchison (Parent, librarian)
Peter Hutchison (Parent)
Sharon Hutton (M.D. Brown Reference Group Publisher)
Tanja Huvia (English student)
Sue Hyams (Author)
Catherine Hyde (Illustrator)
Cerys Hyde (Early Learning Centre)
Ruth Hyland (Teacher)
Jeff Hynds (Educator and former children’s bookseller)
Robyn Hynes (Children's librarian)
Inkeri Hyvönen (Reader)
Eva Ibbotson (Author)
Su Ikeda (Librarian, mother)
Hilary Iles (Reader)
Rose Impey (Author)
Matthew Imrie (Editor, librarian)
Jamie Ingall (Student)
Professor Judith Inggs (Children's literature researcher)
Janet Ingham (School Librarian)
Natalie Ingram (Writer)
Charlotte Innerd (Librarian)
Charlotte Innocenti (Trainee Primary Teacher)
Kate Insull (Reader)
Sanda Ionescu (Reader)
Ruth-Elizabeth Iremonger (Parent)
Gillian Irving (Reader)
Joanne Irwin (Reader)
Meghan Irwin (Author, parent)
Emma Isaac (Reader)
Becky Isherwood (Student)
Ivan Ivanov (Reader)
Francis Ivatt (Writer)
Penny Ives (Author)
Dr J. C. Ivy (Teacher)
Chik J Duncan (Writer)
Amanda Jackson (Parent)
Andrew Jackson (Educator)
Brendan Jackson (Academic)
Esta Jacobs (Reader)
Ben Jacobson (Reader)
Lucy Jago (Author)
Jago (Illustrator)
Charlie James (Author)
Diana James (Teacher)
Dr Gill James (Lecturer creative writing)
Gareth James (Bookseller)
Hywel James (Principal librarian)
Liz James (Librarian)
Clare Janes (Parent)
Diane Janes (Author, grandparent)
Clare Jarrett (Illustrator)
Jan Jarrett (English Adviser Norfolk)
Anna Jarvis (Student)
Catriona Jarvis (Author)
James Jauncey (Author)
Bianca Jeannotte (Reader)
Ben Jeapes (Author)
Michael Jecks (Author)
Cindy Jefferies (Author)
Mark Jefferies (Reader)
David Jefferis (Author and Science Communicator)
Fiona Jefferson (Reader)
Annabel Jeffery (Parent, librarian)
Alex Jenkins (Teenage Reader)
Laura Jenkins (Teacher)
Lindsey Jenkins (Former children's librarian)
Rebekah Jenkins (Librarian)
Samantha Jenkins (Reader)
Victoria Jenkins (Parent)
Alice Jenner (Child reader)
David Jenner (Parent)
Julie Jenner (Parent)
Terry Jennings (Author)
Mogens Bøge Jensen (Parent)
Brandon Jernigan (Doctoral candidate)
Kersty Jerzykowski (Reader)
Jane Jester (Librarian)
Carolyn Jewel (Author and parent)
Mary Jewell (Children's Librarian)
Jenny Jobbins (Author)
Mª del Mar Mollet Jódar (Psychologist)
Kate Joester (Parent)
K.V. Johansen (Author)
Ellie John (Child reader)
Eva John (Basic Skills and Literacy Adviser)
Jane Johns (Parent)
Ron Johns (Bookseller and publisher)
Alex Johnson (Student)
Bri Johnson (Librarian)
Gill Johnson (Parent)
Hayley Johnson (Reader)
Jessica Johnson (Bookseller)
Kerrie Johnson (Student)
Marilyn Johnson (Grandparent)
Matt Johnson (Student)
Ros Johnson (Librarian)
Sarah Johnson (Author, former Children's Books Editor of The Times and parent)
Anne Johnston (School librarian)
Antony Johnston (Author)
Caroline Johnston (Librarian)
Heather Johnston (Parent)
Larissa Joice (Parent)
Elizabeth Jolley (Reader)
Alice Jolly (Author, parent)
Beth Jones (Reader)
Caitlin Jones (Librarian)
Carol Jones (Reader)
Caroline Jones (Journalist)
Chelsea Jones (Student)
Claire Jones (School librarian)
Claire Jones (School Librarian)
Darren Jones (Parent, childminder)
Duncan Jones (Publisher)
Eileen Jones (Literacy adviser)
Helen Jones (Parent)
Hilary Jones (Librarian)
Ivan Jones (Author)
Jackie Jones (School Librarian)
Jan Jones (Librarian)
Jenny Cordery Jones (Parent and former teacher)
Jeri Jones (Parent)
Kath Jones (Reader)
Kelly Jones (School librarian)
Lara Jones (Author and illustrator)
Lee Jones (Academic)
Lisa Jones (Assistant headteacher)
Miracle Jones (Author)
Morven Jones (English teacher)
Nicholas Jones (Audiobook producer)
Nick Jones (Teacher)
Patrick Jones (Writer)
Robin Jones (Reader)
Sian Jones (Press Officer, Communication Workers Union)
Steve Jones (Bookstore manager)
Susan Jones (Reader)
Teresa Jones (Reader)
Tim Jones (Author)
Dianne Jordan (Librarian)
Hannah Jordan (Student)
Pete Jordan (Parent, grandparent)
Rolf Jordan (Illustrator)
Jodie Jordon (Student)
Joreth (Reader)
Michael Joseph (Librarian)
Richard Joseph (Author, publisher)
Eleanor Joslin (Reader)
Susan Joslin (Headteacher)
Simon Jowett (Scriptwriter, author)
Tabitha Joy (Teenage Reader)
Roderick Joyce (Parent)
Caroline Judson (Teacher)
Estelle Judson (Teacher)
Cail Judy (Writer)
Peter Juga (Seven Stories)
Ann Jungman (Author and publisher, Barn Owl Books)
Mary Jupp (Reader)
Dr Hilary Justice (Literature Professor)
Carol Kabat (Parent)
Fabienne Kaderli (Bookseller)
Ellen Kadobinskyj (Reader)
Sarah Kahler (Teacher)
Karolina Kalosza (Reader)
Vallo Kalvik (Publisher, bookseller)
Kalyandra (Amazon reviewer)
Joanna Kaminski (Reader)
Antony Kamm (Author and former publisher)
Sheila Kane (Librarian)
Carolyn Karis (Teacher and librarian)
FL Karn (Supporter)
San Kaspers (Bookseller)
Brian Katcher (School librarian and young adult author)
Outi Kater (Library Assistant)
Helen Katsinis (Writer, librarian)
Peter Kavanagh (Author and Illustrator)
Jackie Kay (Children’s poet and author)
Katherine Kaye (Reader)
Judy Kayir (Librarian)
Mary Kean (Former teacher, grandmother)
Helen Kedie (English Teacher)
Matt Keefe (Author)
Louise Keeton (English teacher)
Hannah Keighley (Reader)
Joe Keilholz (Reader)
Marie Kelleher (Reader)
Ann Kelley (Author)
Carol Kellock (Librarian, teaching assistant)
Andrew Kelly (Publisher)
Colleen Kelly (Librarian)
Declan Kelly (Reader)
Elaine Kelly (Reader)
Louisa Kelly (Reader)
Mary Kelly (Specialist teacher)
Pat Kelly (Teacher)
Robert Kelly (Librarian)
Roisin Kelly (Teenage Reader)
Sam Kelly (Editor)
Stuart Kelly (Literary Editor, Scotland on Sunday)
Tom Kelly (Writer)
Freda Kelsall (Author)
Anna Kelway (Reader)
Gene Kemp (Author)
Jake Kemp (Parent, school governor)
Moira Kemp (Author, illustrator)
Polly Kemp (Parent)
Linda Kempton (Author)
Jason Kende (National Youth Rights Association)
JJ Keng (Author and playwright)
Anna Kennedy (Reader)
Billy Kennedy (Reader)
David Kennedy (Former bookseller, uncle)
James Kennedy (Journalist)
Sian Kennedy (Reader)
Liz Kenney (Writer)
Patricia Kennon (Lecturer in Children's Literature)
Eunice Kenny (Retired children's librarian)
Nicky Kenny (Teacher)
Paul Kent (Lecturer)
Sherrilyn Kenyon (Dyslexic author)
Judi Kercher (Librarian, parent)
Nadia Kerecuk (Author, translator)
Jane Kerin (Teacher, librarian)
Serafina Kernberger (Reader)
Jenny Kerr (Trainee teacher)
Leah Kerr (Reader)
Lesley Kerr (School librarian)
ME Kerr (Author)
Jackie Kerry (Librarian)
Lynne Kersten (Reader)
Javed Khan (Student)
Kiran Khetia (Solicitor)
Bourbon Kid (Author)
Sarah Kidd (Reader)
Dr Pauline Kiernan (Author and Shakespeare Scholar)
Catheryn Kilgarriff (Publisher)
Tracy Kilner (Reader and Parent)
Christopher Kimowicz (Reader)
Sally Kindberg (Author, illustrator)
Lynne Kinder (Reader)
Alison King (Writer)
Elizabeth King (Reader)
Emma King (Librarian)
Francis King (Author)
Jade King (Student)
Karen King (Author)
Pamela King (School librarian)
Samuel King (Reader)
Sophy King (Parent)
Dick King-Smith (Author)
Renee Kingdon (Bookseller)
Alex Kingsbury (Librarian)
Jessy-Oliver Kingsley (Teenage writer)
Simon Kingsley-Pallant (Teacher)
Sarah Kirby (Teacher)
Carolyn Kirkby (Reader)
Lisa Kirkham (Parent)
Clare Kirkpatrick (Parent)
Gwen Kirkwood (Author)
Bill Kirton (Author and grandparent)
Charlotte Kissack (Reader)
Keith Kisser (Author and Librarian)
Katya Kitchingman (Parent)
Christine A Kittler (Library Technician)
Dr Gillian Klein (Publisher)
Leanne Klein (Parent)
Christopher Klimowicz (Reader)
Adam P Knave (Author)
Susie Kneedler (Reader)
Frances Knight (Reader)
Gregory Knight (Student)
Jenny Knight (Editor)
John Knight (Senior Lecturer in teacher education)
Nic Knight (Reader)
Paula Knight (Illustrator)
Isabel Knights (School Librarian)
Don Knox (Lecturer)
Elizabeth Knox (Author)
Tadzio Koelb (Reader)
Valentin Kolev (Teenage reader)
Linda Kompanik (Director, Logan County Public Library)
Jocelyn Konrad-Lee (Reader)
Brandy Koontz (Dyslexic reader)
Marija Koprivica-Radonjić (London Review of Books)
Lori Korodaj (Librarian)
Rhonda Korte (Parent)
Konstantin Todorov Kostadinov (Teenage Reader)
Conor Kostick (Author)
Helena Krajewski (Librarian)
Ann Kramer (Author)
Sandra Kramer (Publishing Manager, Wild Goose Publications)
Charlie Krasun (Reader)
Judith Kratz (Teacher)
Amalita Kriyodhi (Author)
Martin Kromer (Federation Children's Book Groups)
Sinead Kromer (Federation Children's Book Groups)
Katherine Kronbergs (Reader)
Sally Kruger (Teacher)
Jaclyn Kunz (Children's Librarian)
Brigita Kuzmickaite (Child reader)
Bronwen Lacey (Teacher, previous library board member)
Stephanie Lacey (Reader)
Sara Lachman (Book-It Repertory Theatre, Education department)
Carl LaCombe (Teacher, reader)
Sylvia LaCombe (Retired librarian)
Fiona Lafferty (Editor, The Good Book Guide)
Ralph Lagana (Teacher)
Christina Lager (Parent)
John Laidlaw (Science Teacher)
Alison Lainchbury (School Librarian)
Dr Annette Laing (Author)
Deborah Lam (Home-educator, ex-librarian, parent)
Karen Lamb (Illustrator)
Nikki Lamb (Librarian)
Claire Lambert (Student)
Laura Lamble (Reader)
Simi Landau (Writer)
Tanya Landman (Author)
Derek Landy (Author)
Joanna Lane (Reader)
Rhian Lane (School Librarian)
Sarah Lang (Reader)
Rosanna Langdown (Parent)
David Langford (Author, journalist)
Beverly Langlands (Librarian)
Gus Langlands (Reader)
Lee Langley (Author, grandparent)
Patrick Langley (English literature graduate)
Kelly Larabie (Homeschooling parent)
Alexander Larabie Teenage reader ()
Morgan Larabie Teenage reader ()
Marilyn Larence (Reader)
Ann Larimer (Reader)
Michèle Laroche (Writer)
Jo Larwood (Author and mother)
Prof. Bryan Lask (Research Director)
Chris Laslett (Parent)
First Name Last Name (Description)
Charlotte Latham (Children's librarian)
Haydn Latham (Parent)
Lynn Latowsky (School librarian)
Oliver Latsch (Reader)
Kristie Lauborough (Reader)
Simon Laurene (Parent, military officer)
Sarah Laurenson (Librarian)
Maria Sanchidrian Lavado (Reader)
Karina Law (Author)
Sharon M Lawler (Librarian)
Linda Lawlor (Reader)
Sarah Lawrance (Collection Director, Seven Stories)
Sophie Lawrance (Reader)
Jennifer Lawrence (Author)
Linora Lawrene (Journalist and author)
Valerie Laws (Author and former teacher)
Ann-Marie Lawson (Bookseller, parent)
Georgie Lawson (School Librarian)
Georgie Lawson (School Librarian)
Nigella Lawson (Author, television presenter and journalist)
Trisha Lawty (Reader)
Miriam Lay (Teacher)
Samantha Layco (Reader)
Pauline Laycock (School librarian)
Annelise Layton-Bennett (Librarian, writer)
Ann Lazim (Librarian)
Becky Leach (Writer)
David Leach (Graphic Novels Editor, former Cartoonist and Writer)
Max Leach (Reader)
J Lear (Author, grandparent)
Andrew Leask (English teacher)
Richard Leask (Reader)
Jessica Leathley (Librarian)
Adam Leaver (Parent)
Nicky Leaver (Teacher)
Tim Lebbon (Author)
Barbara Lee (Parent)
Christy Lee (Reader)
Daphne Lee (Children's book critic, parent)
Emma Lee (Author and parent)
Kate Lee (Author)
Lorraine Lee (Librarian)
Mr Lee (Home-educating father)
Mrs Lee (Home-educating mother)
Pauline Lee (Educator)
RD Lee (Reader)
Susan Lee (Student)
Tony Lee (Editor)
Victoria Lee (Reader)
Deborah Leeke (Grandparent)
Ann Leeming (School Librarian)
Howard Leeming (Reader)
Amanda Lees (Author)
Michael Leewright (Reader)
Trina O'Brien Leggott (Librarian)
Tony Lehrle-Fry (School governor)
Anne Lehva (School)
Denise Leight (Librarian)
Michele Lemon (Parent)
Susan Leng (Parent)
Barbara Lennartz (Reader)
Henry Lennon (Student)
Jan Lennon (School librarian)
Julie Lennon (Aunt)
Neil Leslie (Parent)
Julia Lester (School librarian)
Anne Letain (Teacher)
The Staff of Letterbox Library ()
Dr Mark Levesley (Author)
Lucy Leveugle (Documentary maker)
Jan Levick (School librarian)
Melanie Lewicka (Parent, writer)
Michael Lewington (Director, Calibre Audio library)
Sarah Lewins (Teacher and parent)
Gerard Lewis (Librarian)
Ian Lewis (Author and screenwriter)
Jack Lewis (Student)
Jacqui Lewis (Reader)
Meredith Lewis (Author)
Ruth Lewis (Home-educating mother)
Stacie Lewis (Literacy co-ordinator, author)
Warren W Lewis (Reader)
Lauren Li (Reader)
Layla Li (Library Assistant)
Mai Lin Li (Librarian)
Kate Licence (Teacher)
Jane Liddiard (Author)
Sue Lightfoot (Former teacher)
Nicholas Lily (Reader, unpublished author)
Maria Lima (Author)
Sue Limb (Author)
Joan Lindeman (Reader)
Ailsa Lindop (Parent)
Diane Lindquist (Reader)
Caroline Lindsay (Educationalist)
Douglas Lindsay (Grandparent)
Elizabeth Lindsay (Author)
Pete Lindsay (Uncle)
Joan Lingard (Author)
Marianne Lingenheld (Librarian)
Angela Lingwood (Librarian)
Tamara Linke (Owner, 'Tales on Moon Lane' bookshop)
Antony Lishak (Author)
Holly Lisle (Author)
Rebecca Lisle (Author)
Thomas Litchford (Writer, parent)
Gwyneth Little (Reader)
Katie Little (Reader)
Paul Little (Childcare professional, former bookseller)
Alison Littlewood (Reader)
Ryan Livergood (Librarian)
Cheri Lloyd (Author)
Elizabeth Lloyd (Teacher, librarian)
John Lloyd (Book reviewer)
Kath Lloyd (Reader)
Megan Lloyd (Young reader)
Jen Llywelyn (Editor)
Jennifer Locke (Programme Coordinator, Seven Stories)
Bob Lockett (Writer)
Helen Lockett (Reader)
Diane Lockhart (Parent of dyslexic children)
Liz Lockhart (Parent)
Adam Locking (Reader)
David Lockwood (Teacher, parent)
Gillian Lockwood (Parent)
David V Lockyer (Teacher, writer)
Vicky Lodder (Teacher)
David Lodge (Critic, novelist)
David J Lodge (Parent, reader)
Katie Lodge (Teacher)
Sue Lodge (Student)
Tracey Lodge (Teacher)
Mandy Logsdale (Bookseller, reviewer)
Claire Lomas (Parent and writer)
Dave Lomas (Bookseller and Parent)
Ruth Lomas (Librarian)
Amanda Long (Reader)
Kerry Longo (Teacher)
Jean Longstaff (Librarian)
Mark Lord (Reader, works in publishing)
Mike Lorenson (Parent)
Rowena Love (Writer)
Sarah Love (Teacher Librarian)
Penelope Loveday (Author and teacher)
James Lovegrove (Student)
Dr Virginia Lowe (Specialist children's bookseller)
Sue Lowe (School librarian)
Xina Lowe (Children's Librarian)
June Lucas (Parent)
Michael Lucas (Private tutor)
Sam Lucas (Reader)
Tania Lucas (Librarian)
Angela Lucey (Primary teacher and Literacy co-ordinator)
Francine Lucidon (Bookseller)
Becky Ludwiczak (Teacher)
Andrew Luke (Author and Journalist)
Duncan Lunan (Author)
Catherine Lusted (Children's Librarian)
Paul Luton (Reader)
Frankie Luxmoore-Peake (School Librarian)
Joyce Lydford (Educational consultant)
Anne Lyle (Writer, parent)
Josh Lynch (Student)
Bernadette Lynn (Parent)
James Lynn (Parent)
Ann Lyon (CreativeDirector)
Sherri Lyon (Parent)

The list of supporters has grown so much that we have split it into six. This page has people whose surnames begin with the letters H-L. Other pages have surnames A-C, D-G, M-O, P-S, T-Z and the latest additions to the list.

NB Please bear with us if your name is not yet on this list. There is an inevitable delay between you sending your email and it being uploaded.

To sign up and show your support for this statement, send an email to . We will publish your name and any relevant description (eg author, librarian, bookseller) on this web site. We'll keep your email address confidential and won't pass it to anybody else, but we may write occasionally with relevant news.

Our full statement is on the front page.

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