No to Age Banding


We are writers, illustrators, librarians, teachers, booksellers, publishers, educationalists, psychologists, parents and grandparents. Some of the undersigned writers and illustrators have a measure of control over what appears on the covers of their books; others have less.

But we are all agreed that the proposal to put an age-guidance figure on books for children is ill-conceived, damaging to the interests of young readers, and highly unlikely, despite the claims made by those publishers promoting the scheme, to make the slightest difference to sales.

We take this step to disavow publicly any connection with such age-guidance figures, and to state our passionately-held conviction that everything about a book should seek to welcome readers in and not keep them out.

The list of supporters has grown so much that we have split it into six. This page has people whose surnames begin with the letters M-O. Other pages have surnames A-C, D-G, H-L, P-S, T-Z and the latest additions to the list.

Susan C Mabe (Teacher)
Frances MacArthur (Librarian)
Stuart MacBride (Author)
Professor John MacCrae (Educator, author)
Fiona Macdonald (Author)
Fiona MacDonald (Teacher, writer)
Judy MacDonald (Mother)
Mandy Macdonald (Author and Editor)
Lorraine Mace (Author)
Charlene MacFarlane (School Librarian)
Dilan MacHardy MacHardy (Author)
Louis Mackay (Book jacket designer)
Margaret Mackay (Librarian)
Fiona M MacKenzie (Librarian)
Jean MacKenzie (Teacher)
Martin MacKenzie (Bookseller, Tower Bookshop)
Michael L MacKian (Writer)
Christie Mackie (Reader)
Eilidh Mackinnon (Reviewer)
Jessie Mackintosh (Parent)
Ian Maclachlan (Parent)
Sonya Maclaurin (Librarian)
Caryn Maclean (Editor)
Fiona MacLellan (Librarian)
Ken MacLeod (Author)
Natasha Macleod (Student)
Catherine MacPhail (Author)
Donald Macpherson (Writer)
Kirsten MacPherson (Reader)
Adam Macqueen (Author)
Julia MacRae (Former founder and M.D. Julia MacRae Books)
Ciaran Madden (Reader)
Staff Madeleine Lindley Ltd (Specialist Children's Booksellers)
Allison Madsen (Reader)
Michelle Magorian (Author)
Simon Magorian (Reader)
Dr Andrew Maguire (Reader)
Sabrina Maguire (Marketing executive)
Susie Maguire (Author)
Ryan Mahan (Author and bookseller)
Amber Mahoney (Reader, former teacher)
Daryl Main (Parent)
Jonathan Main (Bookseller)
Mhairi Mair (Reader)
Nigel Male (Writer)
Juliene Malecot (Children's librarian)
Julie Malkin (Teacher)
Catherine Ann Mallett (Teacher, librarian)
Deborah Malley (Scientific Researcher)
Steve Malley (Author, illustrator)
Rachel Mallinder (Student)
Camilla Malmer (Teacher)
Geoffrey Malone (Author)
Jessica Mamo (Student)
Maria Mandalenaki (Reader)
Tom Mandall (Former bookseller)
Susan Manderino (Librarian)
Emma Manderson (Reader)
Brian Mann (Home-educator)
Dr Peter Mann (Teacher)
Fiona Mann (Educational facilitator and parent)
Mandy Manning (Parent)
Sarra Manning (Author)
Lucy Mansbridge (Reader)
Keith Mansfield (Author)
Mike Manson (Author, publisher)
Sarah Manson (Literary Agent)
Matteo Marastoni (Reader)
Jenny March (Writer)
Shawn M Marchetti (Author and director)
Lisa Marcum (Parent)
Celine Marfil (Reader)
James Margeson (Reader)
Marie-Claire (Blogger)
Michelle Markham (Educational facilitator, parent)
Barbara Marks (Parent and reader)
Graham Marks (Author)
Harriet Marlow (Reader)
Paul Marlowe (Author)
Mayo Charles Marriott (Reader)
Zoë Marriott (Author)
Scott Marrison (Bookseller, Bertram)
Sandra Marrs (Author, illustrator)
Sally Marsden (Reader)
Sally Marsden (Reader)
Christine Marsh (Reader)
Debora Marsh (Mother and Book Devourer!)
Emma Marsh (Teacher)
Jodie Marsh (Assistant to Children’s Literary Agent)
Robert Marsh (Writer)
Tori Marsh (Parent)
Alicia Marshall (School librarian)
Hannah Marshall (Teenage reader)
Katherine Marshall (Graduate Library Student)
Lesley Marshall (Literacy tutor)
Lynn Marshall (School Librarian)
Alice Marston (Student)
Kathleen Marten (Children's Librarian)
Craig Martin (School Librarian)
Deborah Martin (Readers advisor and Parent)
Heather Martin (Student)
Lesley Martin (School Librarian)
Lucinda Martin (Teacher)
Luke Martin (Student)
Pauline Martin (Reader)
Philip Martin (Educator)
Sandra Martin (Grandparent)
Sue Martin-Vikström (Reader)
Lisa Martincik (Librarian)
Ameeta Marwaha (Student)
Tony Maryon (Librarian)
Teilhard Masías (TEFL educator)
Samantha Maskell (Librarian)
Alison Mason (Teacher)
Bernard Mason (Reader)
Daniel Mason (Student)
Jackie Mason (Children's librarian)
Louis Mason (Student)
Stephen Mason (Reader)
Claire Massey (Parent)
Dorothy Massey (Literacy teacher)
Clive Massie (Schools Library Service Adviser)
Lesley Masson (Reviewer, writer)
Sophie Masson (Author)
Viccie Masson (Parent)
Tessa Masterman (School Librarian)
Barbara Matcham (Librarian)
Gurtej Matharu (Student)
Rajpal Matharu (Student)
Beverley Mathias (Retired Language Consultant for primary schools)
Emma Matthews (Teaching assistant)
Harry Dafydd Matthews (Child reader)
John Matthews (Photographer)
Kirsten Matthews (Reader)
Kirsty Matthews (Librarian)
L. S. Matthews (Author)
Nicky Matthews (Classroom assistant)
Kit Maude (Editor)
Emily Maw (Child reader)
Áine Mawe (Librarian)
Ali Mawle (Teacher)
Lucy Maxwell (Parent)
Brian May (Educator)
Kara May (Author and Illustrator)
Peter Mark May (Author)
Stuart May (Author, copywriter)
Cécile Mayanobe (School Librarian)
Tom Maybey (Children's Librarian)
Alan Mayer (Author)
Dr Sophie Mayer (Bookseller, reviewer)
Gerda Mayer (Author)
Jon Mayhew (SEN Teacher)
Natalie Mayhew (Parent)
Ian Maynard-Smith (Teacher)
Siobhan Mazzei (Student)
Fionnuala Mc Aleer (Teacher)
Mark Mc Nichol (Teacher)
Hannah McAleese (Reader)
John McAllister (Parent)
Denise McBride (Lawyer, Mom)
Sian McCall (Reader)
Kate McCallum (Federation of Children's Book Groups)
Terri McCargar (Children's book editor, librarian)
Anne McCart (Librarian)
Carina McCarthy (Teacher)
Michelle McCarthy (God mother)
Sean McCarthy (Reader)
Kate McCartney (Librarian)
Geraldine McCaughrean (Author)
Fay McClennan (Teacher and ex-school library assistant)
Sarah McClennan (Librarian)
Katherine McCloskey (Librarian)
Ian McClurg-Welland (Reader)
Hilary McColl (Author, educator)
Jonathan McColl (Parent and grandparent)
Rita McCormick (Head of English)
Betty Jo McCoy (Librarian)
Jane McCoy (Grandparent)
Dr JC McCrae (Reader)
Tatiana McCrum (Teacher, librarian)
Sam McCullen (Author and illustrator)
Kelly McCullough (Author)
Elsie McCutcheon (Author)
Paul McDermott (Author)
John McDevitt (Reader)
Alison McDonald (Librarian)
Fiona McDonald (Librarian)
Martine McDonald (Reader/Aspiring Writer)
Rob McDonald (Reader)
Steven E McDonald (Author)
Kim McDonough (Homeschool educator, parent)
Ailsa McDowell (School Librarian)
James McEnaney (Reader)
David McEvoy (Trade Union Education Officer)
Heidi McFadden (Teacher)
Emma McFadgen (Librarian)
David McFadyen (Teenage reader)
Robert McFarland (Parent)
Eileen McGann (Speech and language therapist)
Marek McGann (Psychologist)
Oisin McGann (Author and Illustrator)
John McGeown (Author)
Angela McGill (Reader)
Janice McGill (School Librarian)
Stewart McGill (Director Playbox theatre)
Mélanie McGilloway (School Librarian)
Patrick McGinley (Author)
Katie McGivern (Teacher)
Graeme McGrath (Parent)
Rachel McGrath (Reader)
James McGraw (Reader)
Margaret McGuigan (English consultant)
Kirsty McHugh (Aunt)
Abbi McInnes (Children's librarian)
David McIntee (Author, scriptwriter)
Lesley McIntee (Former teacher)
Anne McIntosh (Librarian)
Sarah McIntyre (Illustrator)
Kelly McKain (Author)
Amy McKay (Librarian)
Christine McKay (Reader)
Hilary McKay (Author)
Laura L McKee-Meyer (Reader)
Fiona McKenna (Parent)
Ginette McKenna (School librarian)
Bridget McKenzie (Head of learning, British Library (retired))
Fiona McKenzie (Teacher)
Hilary McKenzie (Librarian)
Jane McKenzie (Journalist, Private Eye)
Danny McKillop (Parent)
Dylan Mckinnon (Reader)
Eileen McKnight-Smith (Bookseller, The Bookcase, Chester-le-Street)
Colette McLaren (Literacy support)
David J McLaren (Education Consultant)
Sally Mclaren (Librarian)
Caitlin Mclarty (Reader)
Aiden McLaughlin (Reader)
John McLaughlin (Authors’ agent)
Kate McLaughlin (Copy editor)
Lucy McLaughlin (Teenage reader)
Kirsty McLean (English literature student)
Michelle McLellan (School Librarian)
Alison McLeod (Parent)
Bud McLintock (Director, Costa Book Awards)
Thomas McLoone (Reader)
David McMahon (Reader)
Madeline McMahon (Reader)
Sara McManigal (Author)
Clare McMaw (Reader)
Lynda McMinn (Reader)
Louise McMorland (Librarian)
Clair McMullen (Reader)
Phillip McMylor (Children's bookseller, writer)
Helen McNabb (Librarian)
Alex McNair (Child reader)
Alex McNair (Parent)
Bernadette McNair (Young reader)
Catherine Ann McNair (Reader)
Helen McNair (Teenage reader)
Maria McNair (Child reader)
Mary McNair (Parent)
Colin McNaughton (Author and Illustrator)
Nicola McNee (School Librarian)
Claire McNeil (Reader)
Graham McNeill (Author)
Graham McNeill (Author)
Sue McNeill (Teacher, librarian)
Sarah McNicol (Researcher)
Cliff McNish (Author)
Hayley McParland (Academic and reader)
Greg McQueen (Reader)
Scarlett McQueen (Reader)
Jo McRae (Librarian)
John McRae (Teacher, librarian)
Lindsey McVey (Reader, parent)
Darryl Mead (Cultural Consultant)
Judy Mead (Reader)
Gary Meades (Librarian)
Michelle Meadows (Reader)
Philippa Meadows (Reader)
Angela Meads (Bookseller)
Paul Meads (Bookseller, Bookworm)
Rosemary Meaney (Librarian)
Janet Mearns (Former teacher, parent)
Sarah Mears (Children's library services development manager)
Kathryn Medcalf (Reader)
Jessica Medhurst (Bookseller)
Beth Medley (Librarian)
Lynne Medlock (School library service)
Barrie Mee (Disability equality trainer)
Jonathan Mee (Student)
Kirby Meehan (Librarian)
Susan Meggitt (Reader)
Kiran Mehdee (Writer)
Richard Meier (Author)
Andrea Melendez (Publisher)
Betsy Mellor (Teacher)
Elizabeth Mellor (School librarian)
Stephen Mellor (Parent)
Dr Karen Mellstrom (Parent)
Prof Andrew Melrose (English lecturer)
Professor Andrew Melrose (Author and Professor of Children's Writing)
Anna Melton (Teacher librarian)
Valerie Mendes (Author)
Farah Mendlesohn (Author and Academic)
Jackie Menniss (Head of library service)
Judith Mercer (Parent)
Julie Meredith (Teacher)
Shirley Merriott (Education librarian)
Rebecca Merryweather (Parent)
Dan Metcalf (Librarian)
Charlie Methven (Teenage Reader)
Charlotte Meyer (Illustrator)
Anthony Meyers (Teacher)
Danny Middleton (Children's Librarian)
Jonathan Middleton (Teacher)
Suzanne Mieczkowska (Qualified librarian, teacher)
Becky Miles (Editor and parent)
Liz Miles (Author)
Joy Millam (School Librarian)
Bill Millar (Author)
Fiona Millar (Writer and parent)
Sarah Millar (Centre for the children's book)
Glenda Millard (Reader)
Carol Miller (School Librarian)
Catherine Miller (Reader)
Erin Miller (Librarian)
Kari Miller (English teacher)
Kathryn Miller (Reader)
Miranda Miller (Teenage reader)
Paul Miller (Student)
Pete Miller (Author)
Sally Miller (Parent)
Sophie Miller (Parent)
Tania Miller (Children's librarian)
Yvette Miller (Writer, parent)
Wendy Miller-Williams (Librarian)
Kate Millin (Assistant director, libraries)
Mark Millmore (Author)
Bernice Mills (Reader)
Carole Mills (Publisher)
Rachel Mills (Reader)
Rick Mills (Editor)
Robin Mills (Reader)
Sam Mills (Author)
Samantha Millsap (Librarian)
Greta Millwood (Reader)
Sasha Valeri Millwood (Reader)
Barb Milne (Reader)
Kathleen Milne (Librarian)
Jennifer Milton (School librarian)
Alex Milway (Author)
David Mingay (Reader)
Amy Minns (Librarian)
Paul Minter (School librarian)
Caroline Miskin (Reader)
Jaishree Misra (Author)
Barbara Mitchelhill (Author)
Gill Mitchell (School librarian)
Jane Mitchell (Author)
Molly Mitchell (Student)
Nick Mitchell (Childminder)
Pauline Mitchell (Learning Support)
Rosalind Mitchell (Author)
Sarah Mitchell (Bookseller)
Tony Mitton (Poet, children's author)
Gill Mladenova (Reader)
Virginia Moffatt (Parent)
Susan Moger (School librarian, teacher)
Deborah Mogford (Ex-bookseller, nursery nurse)
Deborah Moggach (Author)
Rhiannon Mohabiar (Reader)
Tanya Mohamed (Teenage reader)
Michael Molcher (Journalist)
Wendy Molle (School librarian)
Sarah Molloy (A.M. Heath & Co, Authors' Agents)
Sharon Molnar (Teacher, librarian)
Anita Monaghan (Reader)
Alison Monday (Reader)
Sue Mongredien (Author)
Dr Elizabeth Monk (Parent)
Tina Monk (Publisher)
Danielle Monnier (Reader)
Claire Montague-Fryer (Bookseller)
Kristen Montalto (Educator)
Sharon Montgomery (Parent)
Deborah Moody (Librarian)
Penelope Moon (Educator)
Bel Mooney (Author)
Molly Mooney (Librarian)
Max Moorcock (Parent)
Natalie Moorcock (Parent)
Kate Moorcock-Abley (Former nursery teacher)
Andrew Moore (Reader)
Anna Moore (Project Manager, The Reading Agency)
Beverley Moore (Copywriter, parent)
Carla Moore (Parent)
Catherine Moore (Teacher and mother)
Chris Moore (Student)
Jennifer Moore (Author and parent)
Ken Moore (Musician and retired engineer)
Liza Moore (Educator)
Patricia Moore (Teacher and grandparent)
Sandra Moore (Librarian)
Shelagh Moore (Author and Teacher)
Caroline Moorehead (Author)
Nic Moorey (Reader)
Andy Moorhouse (Retired English and Drama teacher)
Gill Moorhouse (Early Literacy Advisor, author)
Sue Moorhouse (Dyslexia teacher)
Bernardo Moraes (Writer)
Anthony Moran (Reader)
James Moran (TV scriptwriter)
Philip Moran (Author)
Victoria H Morel (Librarian)
David Moreland (Librarian)
Eric Moreno (Reader)
Elyse Moretti (Author)
Alexander William Morgan (Child reader)
Claire Morgan (School librarian)
Derek Morgan (Reader)
Dorcas Morgan (Development Manager, Unicorn Theatre)
Judith Morgan (Reader)
Kath Morgan (School librarian)
Michaela Morgan (Author and poet)
Mike Morgan (Parent)
Nicola Morgan (Author and founder of The Child Literacy Centre)
Richard Morgan (Author)
Sheila Morgan (Teaching Assistant)
Susie Morgenstern (Writer, illustrator)
Claire Morley (Children and Young People’s librarian)
Michael Morpurgo (Author and Children's Laureate 2003-2005)
Elspeth Morris (Librarian)
Faith Morris (International and Special Sales Manager, HarperCollins, Australia)
Gordon Morris (Author)
Jackie Morris (Illustrator)
Jenny Morris (Lion and Unicorn Bookshop, Richmond, Surrey)
Karen Morris (Children's Librarian)
Linda Morris (Librarian)
Patrick Morris (Reader)
R. N. Morris (Author)
Steven Ray Morris (Reader)
Valerie Morris (Mother)
Rachel Morrison (Reader)
Catherine Morrissey (Editorial Assistant, Pearson)
Gayle Morrow (Librarian)
Gayle Morrow (Children's Librarian)
Tracy Morrow (Children's bookseller, parent)
Dr Nigel Mortimer (Teacher)
Linda Mortimer (Reader)
Andrew Morton (Author and parent)
Fiona Morton (Reader)
John Morton (Librarian)
Christine Morton-Shaw (Author)
Natalie Moseley (Childminder)
Cheryl Moskowitz (Author and poet)
Bernard Moss (Parent)
Carolyn Moss (Teacher and parent)
Elaine Moss (Author and former schools librarian)
Miriam Moss (Author)
Deborah Motley (Librarian)
Angela Mott (Librarian, parent)
Nick Mott (Illustrator)
Lucinda Moubray (Teacher of English)
Helge Moulding (Book reviewer, writer)
Malcolm Mowbray (Grandparent)
Yvonne Moxley (Brownie guider, writer)
Victoria-Ann Moxon (School Librarian)
Nick Moxsom (Graphic designer and parent)
Greg Moyes (Student)
Robert Muchamore (Author)
Jodi Mudd (Programme Assistant, Seven Stories)
Leona Mudie (Bookseller)
Leslie Muir (Reader)
Melanie Muir (School Librarian)
Fe Mukwamba-Sendall (Parent)
Sarah Mulgrew (Student)
Melinda Mullen (Reader)
Samantha Mullender (Reader and teenager)
Alison Mulrooney (Teacher)
Ektha Muman (Student)
Kimberly Mundala (Reading specialist)
Professor C Mundell (Educator, parent)
Claudio Muñoz (Illustrator and author)
Moira Munro (Author, illustrator, parent)
Marcia Munt (Teacher)
Sally Murdoch (Teacher, writer)
Stephen Murdoch (Former bookseller)
Peter Murdock (Bookseller)
Georgie Murfitt (Student)
Doreen Murgatroyd (Community Services Librarian)
Jenny Murison (Special needs teacher, parent)
Elizabeth Murphy (Reader)
Joe Murphy (Reader)
Judith Murphy (Parent)
Lorna Murphy (MA student Children's book illustration)
Margaret Murphy (Author)
Phoebe Murphy (Reader)
Sally Murphy (Teacher)
Ben Murray (Writer, parent)
Catherine Murray (Parent)
Niamh Murray (Publisher)
Raewyn Murray (Librarian)
Susan Murray (Author and parent)
Alex Murray-Brown (Teacher)
Mehrangez Musa Rahmen (Reader)
Steve Muscroft (Reader)
Marianne Musgrove (Author)
Sarah Mussi (Author)
Cathy Myer (Educational consultant)
Cassie Myers (Bookseller)
Jane Myers (Parent)
Jen Myers (Parent)
Tim Myers (Lecturer, Children's literature)
Ashley Nabours (Teenage reader)
Cally Nabours (Teenage reader)
Cody Nabours (Teenage reader)
Daniel Nabours (Child reader)
Katyah Nabours (Child reader)
Lara Nabours (Reader)
Shabnam Nadiya (Author)
Beverley Naidoo (Author)
Dr Moray Nairn (Reader)
Sheryl Nance-Durst (Librarian)
Ruth Narusis (Great grandparent)
Ruth Nassar (Parent)
Micah Nathan (Author)
Courtney Nawara (Reader)
Yasmin Nayani (Student)
Lisa Naylor (Teacher, parent)
Bobbie Neate (Educational consultant)
Glen Neath (Author)
Martin Neave (Headteacher)
Jan Needle (Author)
Eleanor Neil (Librarian)
DA Nelson (Author)
Emma Nelson (Parent)
Elizabeth Nerbonne (Librarian)
Caro Ness (Reader)
Stephanie Nettell (Children's book critic)
Andrew Nevill (Uncle)
E. M. Newberry (Writer)
Elizabeth Newbery (Author)
Kaye Newbery (Parent)
Linda Newbery (Author)
Mitchell Newbold (Student)
Sue Newbold (Librarian)
Birdie Newborn (Reader)
Alain Newby (Student)
Amy Newby (Student)
Emily Newman (Student)
John Newman (Newham Bookshop)
Michael Newman (Teacher)
Chelsea Newnam (Reader)
Barry L Newton (Parent, critic)
Julia Newton (Reader)
Marcia Newton (Manager children and young people's library services)
Pamela Newton (Advisory teacher, visual impairment)
Robbie Newton (Teenage reader)
Ruth Ng (Librarian,parent)
Léan Ní Chuilleanáin (Author)
Aoife Nic Sheain (Editor)
J Nichol (Young reader)
Hayley Nicholas (Former teaching assistant)
Krystyna Nicholls (Parent)
Chloe Nichols (Reader)
Honey Nichols (Editor, book reviewer)
Lydy Nickerson (Reader)
Kirsty Nicol (Parent)
Morag Nicolson (Librarian)
Kristen Nicoson (Children's Librarian and parent)
Shana Nieberg-Suschitzky (Art Director)
Frances Nielsen (Teacher, literacy co-ordinator)
Sofie Nielsen (Teenage reader)
Patrick Nielsen Hayden (Senior editor, Tor Books, Macmillan)
Luke Nightingale (Parent)
Jane Nissen (Publisher)
Etta Niswonger (Teacher)
Elizabeth Niven (School Librarian)
Maureen Nixon (Grandparent, teacher)
Shona Nixon (Student)
Tanith Nixon (Teacher)
Erica Noakes (Librarian)
Catherine Noble (Reader)
Heather Noble (Children's librarian)
Richard Noble (Author and parent)
Lesley Noblett (Head of Public Library Service, Cambridgeshire)
Alyson Noel (Author)
Margaret Noel-Perkins (Former public/school librarian)
Tracy L. Nohra (Reader)
Paul Nokes (Student)
Fran Nolan (Teacher)
Jennifer Nolan-Gill (Writer)
Kati Nolfi (Librarian)
Nathan Nolte (Reader)
Chris Noonan (Reader)
Katie Noott (Reader)
Chelsey Nordon (Reader)
Jessica Norrie (Teacher)
Clive Norris (Parent)
Helen Norris (School Librarian)
Karen Norris (Parent)
Beccie North (Librarian)
Dennis North (Reader)
Kate North (Author and creative writing lecturer)
Kate North (Creative writing lecturer)
Sam North (Author)
Angelia Northrip (Teacher)
Jennifer Northway (Author)
Angelina Norton (Teacher and writer)
Ann Nossiter (Librarian)
Lynn Notheger (Parent)
Kate Nottage (Reading tutor)
Antonella Novarina (Parent)
Marilyn Nowlan (Librarian)
Frances Nugent (Copy-editor)
Chikodi Nwaiwu (Reader)
Jennifer O (Reader)
Peadar Ó Guilín (Author)
Andrew O'Brien (MD, Micro Librarian Systems Ltd)
Dr Muireann O'Cinneide (Lecturer in English)
Sheilah O'Connor (Librarian)
Ria O'Driscoll (Teacher)
James O'Dwyer (Chase Terrace Technology College)
Helen O'Hara (Reader and Journalist)
Lyn O'Hara (Drama, literacy teacher)
Kaye O'Hare (Teacher and parent)
Kate O'Hearn (Author)
Sara O'Leary (Children's writer)
Claire O'Malley (Student)
Kerry O'Neil (Librarian)
Gilda O'Neill (Author)
Jackie O'Neill (Reader, parent)
Steve O'Prey (Author)
Anthony O'Reilly (Psychologist)
Gobnait O'Riordan (Librarian )
Caroline O'Sullivan (Bookseller)
Keith O'Sullivan (Lecturer)
Martina O'Sullivan (Editorial assistant, Pearson)
Vincent Oberheim (Reader)
Alice Ochocka (Mslexia magazine)
Tanya Odie (School Librarian)
Jacky Offord (Advisory librarian)
Katy Oglethorpe (Literature student, reader)
Donna Ogonek (Librarian and parent)
Nick Ogonek (Reader)
Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu (Author)
June Oldham (Author)
Mary Olive (Librarian)
Alison Oliver (Teacher)
Suzie Oliver (Teacher)
Peter Olsen (The BRIT School)
Mary Olson (Children's librarian)
Meredith I Olson (Poet)
Imogen Olsten (Editor)
Chris Onion (Author, teaching assistant)
Robyn Opie (Author)
Hiawyn Oram (Author)
David Orme (Author and Chair, Education Writers Group, Society of Authors)
Jan Ormerod (Author, illustrator)
Colin Osborn (Bookseller, Well Wisher Bookshop)
Cheryl Osborne (Teacher)
Jeremy Osborne (Child reader)
Catherine Owens (School librarian)
Jill Oxley (School librarian)
Patricia Oyston (School librarian)

The list of supporters has grown so much that we have split it into six. This page has people whose surnames begin with the letters M-O. Other pages have surnames A-C, D-G, H-L, P-S, T-Z and the latest additions to the list.

NB Please bear with us if your name is not yet on this list. There is an inevitable delay between you sending your email and it being uploaded.

To sign up and show your support for this statement, send an email to . We will publish your name and any relevant description (eg author, librarian, bookseller) on this web site. We'll keep your email address confidential and won't pass it to anybody else, but we may write occasionally with relevant news.

Our full statement is on the front page.

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